Todays annoyance….

Everyday something annoys me, I am sure there is something that annoys everyone :-).

Today is 2 things (granted it is only lunch time… so there is still room for more)

Firstly man flu, I am suffering quite badly I think i may die before I even finish writing this.

And the other thing is being stuck in traffic behind some idiot in a Mazda 4×4 (No I will not use the term suv!), whilst he drove slowly having a very important phone call. The reason I know it was important was that he was talking on the phone… now if someone can afford to drive a 30k plus car and have a razor style phone (from what I could see), should they not also be able to afford a Bluetooth handsfree kit.

So the police can set up cameras that book people for speeding, but doing actual police work, like sitting on the side of the road watching traffic and booking people on their phone is obviously way too much hard work. I see someone on their phone every day during my 30 minute drive each way, should I just start taking photos of them and post them to the police. A photo seems to be the only way traffic enforcement is done these days.

Ok so I didn’t die from man flu, but it is coming I know…

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