Nokia Music store for Australia. (and why I wont use it)

All music on the Nokia Music Store can be purchased through a variety of payment options, including credit cards and pre-paid vouchers.
Individual tracks will cost 1.70 Australian dollars per track and albums from 17.00 Australian dollars. The Nokia Music Store will also offer a monthly subscription for PC users to stream an unlimited number of full length tracks for 10.00 Australian dollars per month.
Check out Nokia Music Store

and wait for the annoyance factor..

“Nokia Music does not currently support the Mozilla Firefox browser on your operating system”

Sorry but that alone is a dead end app. I don’t use IE, if a company can not support Firefox I really will not use their product. A Nokia smart phone is a high end device, Firefox is more often than not used in the developer community by high end users…. way to go nokia… not.

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