The Open Inspection….

So as the move progresses and up to a week of dial up access looms before the new ADSL is connected the final parts of the move are coming together.

Today we had the open inspection on this current house.  This is one of those traumas that I always want to both avoid and be present for.  Firstly to have people traipsing through your house is bad, so you want to be out having a nice breakfast for example (which the real estate company should pay for!).  Yet on the other hand you have that nagging thought “Did I leave something valuable out that someone will pocket.”

Luckily I actually have nothing that anyone would want to steal and most things bar the kitchen and the computer are at the new house already. That aside, the decision was made to be here during the inspection. I had to try and track down the dial up numbers for my current ISP anyway before the move so sitting down for half an hour on the computer was a relaxing thing to do.

So the only thing left to ponder was the ethics of the property inspection. “hmm looks nice”, is what some people said, does one at this point do the classic “Tom Cruise cough… bullshit”, or not. Do you really tell prospective tenants that they are being shafted on the big fat rent increase, that the shower sprays water all over the bathroom and that the heating is terrible. Of course you don’t. Why, that is easy an agent from the real estate company is present and they have your 4 weeks bond they can screw you over.

Perhaps agents should step out and prospective tenants and new tenants should get together over a few cold ales to discuss the pros and cons of any given house. This might even things up for the rental market in Australia. A bit of truth in marketing would not do any harm to the property market in my belief?

Finally, to Jacob’s parents (name changed to protect the innocent) until the house and everything in it is yours don’t let your snotty kid climb all over the furniture and up to things like the exercise bike. Or we will come over to your house (which may well be this one) and climb over everything as well, only to be fair that is.

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