Flash lite 3.1 Announced…

Great news… Flash 3.1 has been announced ( sybmian-freak.com)

Much better browsability than FL3

– Support for h.264 codec

– Flash 9 content will play in FL3.1 as long as it is published as AS2. AS3 engine is not ported to FL3 yet.


Does this mean the end of the FLV format…. If I can publish an h264 video, that will now play on mobile, web and be my vodcast file.. why would I need flv???

Just have to wait for new firmware to test this little beauty. And thus the main problem with flash on the mobile platform is the increased fragmentation of the market.

Since Nokia started releasing firmware updates to the Flash player (mainly with including Flash 3 on certain devices) understanding the deployment in the market place will and has become increasingly difficult.

Getting a user to know what version of firmware they have is a whole extra level beyond just saying if you have an n95 then you can run this app.

I think the next year or so may be a difficult time for a lot of developers and users and Adobe move towards a much more unified flash based architecture.

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