This is Food?

This is Food?

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Why does all foodhall food taste so bad. Can’t people actually do fast food that is even closely similar to food. This thing for example was meant to be a vegetable pattie of some description but do you think that I could acutally finish it. Not even close, this was the point at which I gave up and wasted all of this food.

Here I am 4 hours later and I am still not hungry, just looking at this photo is scaring me again. Of course it was meant to be a quick snack, the kitchen at the new house is not quite all together and I had to pick up a copy of I Am Legend on dvd as well as a new ADSL line filter (more on that tomorrow!) So a quick snack at the food hall was meant to get me through the evening.

Not going to happen. I guess it is also a sign of growing older. I actually want to cook a meal that is healthy and tasty and I am over takeaway. Who would have thought this possible 10 years ago. So yes mum, you were right. (Again)

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