Lake Mountain Snow Chase

I don’t think this will give an accurate
Lake Mountain Snow Chase

I finally managed to have a little spare time over the weekend so go to indulge myself in one of my strange little habits… Weather Chasing 🙂

Yes I drove for 300k’s just to see some snow, take some photos and drive back again. Yep, I am that strange. However it the spirit of nerdom I have the following… geotagged photos (link to flickr set), a kml trace (showing the route home only, I have a proper track file from the R2H but haven’t converted the raw nema data yet and given that apart from a bit of the city the rest of the trip is the same anyway what does it matter) and I will in the next day or so try and compress some of the video that I made of the actual drive (Video is up on youtube… keep reading below). The video being a complete capture of the trip at 10fps at 320×240. The only reason they are this small is that the portable hd I use is only 60gig and so I can fit four hours of video like this comfortably. One day I will get around to increasing it to a 320gig version of the WD Passport then I can get higher res capture.

I also managed to send a geotagged twitter (via twibble) on the way home as well (only because Vodafone don’t have coverage at the top of the mountain). So I think the all round trip to the snow was a technological experience.

Oh yeah and I used the R2H with an FM transmitter for all the music along the way as well. So that was my weekend…. 2 gps’s a car and some snow…. all round lots of fun.

Lake Mountain Snow Chase

I like this photo just about the most of all the ones I got today
Lake Mountain Snow Chase

This was taken coming through a bit of the road called the Black Spur.

Both of the following videos are just the bit between Healesville, through the Black Spur, Marysville and upto the top of Lake Mountain. There are a couple of stops to take photos as well. The drive through Melbourne is all a bit boring really!)

Video 1 – Up to the Top of the Mountain.

Video 2 Down the Mountain

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  1. Nice work Wolf 🙂 Looks like a nice drive!

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