Dumbest Phone message…(and yes I should have known better!)

Try phoning a Domino’s store out of hours… and this what you get.

Thanks for calling Domino’s Pizza
Unfortunately our store is closed
Please call again and ask our staff for our opening and closing times.

When do I call again???? and how do I get the opening hours with out calling you to get the message… I may spend the rest of the day hitting redial just to get the opening and closing hours….

The reason for the call was to cancel an order which I tried placing on the internet at 11 last night. When the order finally went through I admit I did not see the little AM text instead of the PM text, which left me thinking the pizza would arrive at 11:45pm (ie in 45 min), so when the system had the nice icon saying your pizza is being made, it wasn’t! The store was closed, the ovens were turned off, the staff at home tucked up in bed and the pizza was not going to be made for 12 friking hours.

Seriously that is bad design. You don’t stick a big icon saying your pizza is being made, when it is not.

Do they really think that if someone tried to order a pizza that if it is going to take more than say 1 hour to get to you a warning box would come up saying hey that food you want is not going to be ready till sometime tomorrow!

How hard can that be….


I did manage to get through on the phone to cancel the order, had to wait until 11am before the phone their phone was working.  The poor man at the end of the line had no idea how to cancel the order and give me a refund.  Now what is with that!  Yikes, looks like training is an issue for the 16y/olds as well.

Will let you know if the refund ever comes through, but am not holding out much hope given how bad the experience has been so far.

I sent a complaint via through the feedback form last night.. still nothing… but at least I am now getting their junk mail as of this afternoon.

2 Responses to “Dumbest Phone message…(and yes I should have known better!)”

  1. “sorry sir, I dropped your internet order in the deep fryer… I’ll get it out for you – AARRggghh! Aaarrgghhh!!! – Here you are sir.”

  2. The other day their website had me thinking they were cooking my side order (no pizza involved) of CAESAR salad and HOMER Hudson Choc Revolution. Who knows what could happen when the auto pilot kicks in.

    Yes, that’s a proper stupid little dumb load thing that had me wondering – perhaps they’re pitching to a stupid pizza market. If so, that must make me part of the stupid pizza market, which made me want to walk away, mostly.

    On the upside, there’s something lovely about timing food delivery to showerings, or whatnots. This been tested not too repeatedly for if they take notice of delivery times. I’ve had at least once, some dominos nomad loitering like an overly energetic emo on my stairs.

    Another good thing is ordering from the office and having it arrive on queue when you’re home. And, they stock Homer Hudson. Home delivered Homer frikking Hudson. Albeit with little crystals on the top as if no one ever orders it & it has been in the freezer for a quite a while already (why people choose chicken kickers over Homer Hudson, I will never know)

    Pizza hut is far more mundane. Here’s to home delivered chlorinated salad at 10pm at night.

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