It's not Photosynth… its flash and google….

Whilst not quite as cool as Photosynth this technology leverage’s of a lot of existing content and gets google up and running in the “Dynamic Interrelated images” space very nicely.

Quick thoughts are this is going to take off, and MS are going to pull their fingers out and get Photosynth out much quicker…. all they need to do is get the Flickr image base and they win. The Panoramio image base is nothing compared to say Flickr which would allow you to move “indoors” from a series of photos, where as the Panoramio images are only external and highly moderated. (not sure if this is a plus or minus)

The simplicity of this interface may also be part of it success and less savy users may find it easer to navigate. – anyway on with the show……panoramio-brings-a-new-way-to-view-photos/

Sydney Opera house example –

example and how it is done…

and the main article – google-lat-long

“Panoramio enables photographers to geo-locate, store and organize their photographs and to view those images in their geographic context. You may already have seen photos from the Panoramio layer while zooming around in Google Earth or Google Maps (just click the “more” button), but have you visited the Panoramio website? Now, when browsing photos on the site you can explore multiple images of a particular location in a more seamless way.

For select photos on, you’ll find a new link below the photo:

When you click it, a pop-up will appear that looks like this:

When you mouse over an image, you’ll see polygonal frames appear. Each of these frames represents a photo of the same location taken from a different angle or perspective. Just click on the frame to view that photo, and continue exploring. You can also click the thumbnails on the right-hand panel.

Follow the “Look around” link from this photo of Notre Dame in Paris or St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow to see them from all different angles. Take a look at these beautiful photos of the Astrological Clock in Prague.”

2 Responses to “It's not Photosynth… its flash and google….”

  1. I think you are wrong about the flickr idea.
    Flickr has much more photos than panoramio, also picassa does. But, both sets of photos are not good when you try to geolocate them. Their photos are not place related and are not good to illustrate places. IMO that’s the reason Google is using Panoramio images in Google Maps instead of Picassa images (They have much more photos, even more than flickr I believe)

  2. Well every photo that I put up is geotagged (well nearly all) and it is not the hard to filter for only the geotagged photos.

    I put a lot more photos on flickr than I do anywhere else and given the amount of devices that can/or very shortly will be geotagging such as all the n-series nokias and others… there is a massive collection of geotagged. also my point was that the flickr photos would let you move into a building… and the panoramio will never as they are external.. gives flickr an edge.

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