Hacking goes Mainstream.

Thought I would put up this blog post before “The Age changes its mind an modifies the article

The article is here

“The release of the Pwnage 2.0.1 hack is likely to spark a surge of developer interest in the device. Already an emulator for the archaic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games console has been released, allowing users to play NES games on their iPhone.

Other unofficial applications developed for the iPhone include Navizon (improves the built-in GPS by updating the user’s location very 10 seconds, not just when the “locate me” button is pushed), iSMS (send text messages to multiple recipients) and Native VNC (control your Mac or PC from the iPhone).

The hack can only be installed from a Mac computer but step-by-step instructions for Windows users can be found here.”

Now what is most interesting here is not that someone has found at least a partial way to Jailbreak the IPhone 2.0 nor the fact that The Age is covering the story as the story is valid.  It is both that they point out the benefits and LINK to the software and instructions.

The Age is telling you why and how to do something that is illegal! Hacking your IPhone, whilst I agree is a damned good idea is one thing, main stream media telling you how to do it is a seismic shift in the market.

What Apples reaction to a big corporation with lots of money they could sue could be interesting.  Both if they do and if they don’t do anything!  Tacit approval for hacking your Iphone comes from Apple doing or saying nothing about this article.  Which of course adds more fuel to fire for the case for Apple to really open up the device to the average user not just those brave enough to follow a hacking link in The Age!

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