i've worked out why Apple fanboys line up… they don't like spoilers…

the Itouch multitouch t-shirtSomething I have always wondered why people line up for a piece of technology.  And line up for days and nights in the rain and sleet just to get their hands on a new piece of technology…  Something that will still be around a week later.

Well yesterday I went out and brought a copy of After America, the new book by John Birmingham.. Why did I buy it the day it came out, so I can read it before anyone tells me the ending.  The same with why I have seen some movies on the day they came out.  Thinking about Starwars Ep 1 which I did see opening night gave me my answer.

The movie was crap, and full of problems.  Now that the iphone4 is out and people are complaining about things like it dropping calls when you hold it.

So the fanboys are rushing out to buy a piece of tech before the spoilers come.


This video from Futurama kind of covers it really….


[ video via Engadget]

2 Responses to “i've worked out why Apple fanboys line up… they don't like spoilers…”

  1. Well, I almost didn’t read to the end of that post for fear you were going to give away something from “After America” or, worse, tell us it wasn’t worth reading.

    Speaking as someone who has never lined up overnight to buy anything except rock band tickets (which we were paid to do), I reason the motivation of the fanboys is to acquire something which just might go out of stock.

    The spoiler problem is another matter. For some movies (The Village, Sixth Sense, The Crying Game) it’s crucial to not to overhear (hint: don’t watch the Simpsons either). For others, not so much…

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