My #730spill #730report t-shirt proves controversial….

Well I never….

When I set out to make a t-shirt about the changing of the guard in #730reportland, I never figured it would be controversial. I’ve had more comments about it on twitter than any other t-shirt.

People have criticised me for who I have left off and the order they people were put in. The order is random by the way, just the way I looked peoples names up and nothing more.

Names put to me include ( in no particular order ) Me ( and no I didn’t nominate myself), Barrie Cassidy, Monica Attard, B1 and B2, Big Ted, @firstdogonmoon, David Speers, Chris Lilley, Johnathan Holmes, Laurie Oakes, Mark Colvin, Steve Cannane and Eleanor Hall, just to name a few.

If I sell a couple more… and get some more names… I might be forced to make a senate ballot paper.

So go buy the t-shirt, hoodie or long sleeve… and leave a comment.

2 Responses to “My #730spill #730report t-shirt proves controversial….”

  1. Many LOLs. All publicity is god publicity. Here’s hoping for another lens or two.

  2. Whoever it is, there’ll be grumpy complaints. Mr. Kerry O’Brien has made a huge impact on the news scene in Australia. The occasional replacements when he’s on holidays or assignments have not been given any time to make an impression.

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