Litter of Cubs…….

Posted: 25 Feb 2011 09:19 PM PST

Never ones to do anything by halves Mrs Wolfcat and I are expecting twins, due sometime in July.

So not only did I start a new job this year, I am starting a family as well. This is the reason the big summer road trip never happened as Mrs Wolfcat was not up to a trip for about 2 months.

We decided cubs is suitable as the description because it describes the young of both big cats and yet also wolves.

They say a picture tells a thousand words…. this photo shows the complete genetic detail of two soon to be people. The IVF Embroys are 3 days old….

The Cubs at 3 days old....

Then the first scan at 6 weeks old… where the OMG, we are pregnant, became OMG… we have having two of them and they look like something out of Alien.

6 Weeks Old Scan


And of course the 13 week ultrasound showed all on track (and in conjunction with an amnio test we had a few weeks later, gave us the all clear so far).

Current working title for them is either “Release Candidate 1 and Release Candidate 2″, or “B1 and B2″.

Of course I am willing to name them Nikon or even Canon if the price is right ( pending approval from Mrs Wolfcat).  Though she may consider Cadbury or Haigh’s…

I know I am going to need one of these t-shirts shortly….


Wish us luck…Â so far so good… and only what 30 years or so to go till it is finished……


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