Angry Birds and moving to the HTC Incredible S

The first app you will need….

Well, ok, not the first, but certainly has to be up there with must installs if you are a bit of an Angry Birds Fan ( or addict as some people say). So you have a new android phone and want to move your scores over… after all why waste all those hours you have wasted all over again.

Here is what you need to do in a few easy steps:

  1. On your old phone, go to the Android Market, search for Angry Birds Backup
  2. Download all three apps by Antbee for Angrybirds, Rio and Seasons
  3. Run each app, which consists of saying yes to create the backup
  4. Plug your phone into a computer, copy the AngryBirds Backup Folders to a temp location
  5. Install all the Angry Bird Games on your new phone
  6. Install the same Antbee backup applications on the new phone
  7. Copy the folders to the SD card on your new phone
  8. Open each app backup App, press restore backup
  9. Spend hours trying to get those last few levels with 3 stars that you haven’t quite done yet.
  10. I haven’t got past step 9 yet…..

Takes only a few minutes to do, costs nothing and saves you a fortune intime.

Of course if you don’t have Angry Birds already, well you won’t understand why this post is sooooo important.

There are a lot of other apps that are much more important and that I douse everyday, things like Google’s My Tracks, Seesmic, Foursquare, Google Skymap, Street View, WordPress, Googles, and Weatherzone to name a few. At least with the new Incredible S it should be a long time before the annoying “low on disk space” warning comes.

This first appeared on the HTCAu Book Page

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