#wolfcatcubs Week 30.4 Scan Update

This is an update to the previous Week 30 post.

The upshot is that we still don’t know anything, but will be having another scan in a few days. RC1’s heart rate wasn’t as high as last time, but still peaked over 207bpm which is shouldn’t.

Hopefully on Thursday we will have a much clearer idea as well, as the OB is aiming to have spoken to/and or Mrs Wolfcat will see a pediatric cardiologist. The ultrasound man didn’t see anything wrong the RC1’s heart which is good news.

So, I guess RC1 is just giving us practice for being a pain and causing worry where there doesn’t need to be any. That said, we aren’t really worried anyway for a number of reasons, mainly, there isn’t a lot we could do about it. And secondly, it isn’t anything we have done anyway as RC2 is acting as a great control unit.

The other big advantage of the place we had the scan was more video (process as I type – will upload later tonight ) and some more photos as well.

So here are the images.

RC1’s heart ( they are camera shy and facing away )

#wolfcatcubs Week 30 RC1

RC2 is not camera shy

#wolfcatcubs Week 30 RC2


Update: 1/6/11

Got an email from the OB this morning…

Good news is that the heart rate is mostly normal. When the heart goes fast it looks like a normal rhythm still, just fast. There is a hint of some fluid around the heart. If this is increasing it might suggest that the baby is a bit compromised by the fast periods of heart rate. So the OB is now planning scans twice per week to check on the heart. So it will be closely monitored. The good news is that tomorrow marks week 31 and they are ahead of the curve on size, so all good really.

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