#wolfcatcubs – One week on…

6 days old and Erin already has mastered #facepalm #wolfcatcubsFor those that don’t follow the noise that is my Twitter stream I thought I would update the blog with the latest on the Cubs…

Holy crap…  the cubs are 7 days old already….

Seven days on, Mrs Wolfcat is finally home.  She got to come home yesterday and so has a few days rest before the cubs arrive home.  Which is a big question that people keep asking. Latest thinking is “late” this week.  When they come home is dependent on them.  Certainly we aren’t going to rush this.

#wolfcatcubs Awww... unbearable cuteZara’s feeding tube came out on Thursday last week, Erin’s just yesterday.  But that means that they are suck feeding which is a great sign.  However, the issue with Erin is that weird heart rate thing that was noticed In utero hadn’t gone away.  It is very intermittent and the doc has got her on drugs.  They are confident that she will grow out of it in the next year anyway and it doesn’t seem to be upsetting her.

Hand #wolfcatcubsSo we are doing feeding runs for the girls for the rest of the week whilst we run around trying to get a few more things organised at home.

I’d like to thank a few people as well.  The staff at the Jessie Mac Hospital, and the staff Monash Children’s have been amazing.  Our OB Danielle Wilkins has been wonderful as well.  I’d also like to thank my boss and co-workers for being amazingly supportive and flexible during this time as well.

The girls are doing really well and I am still ten kinds of terrified especially holding something so small and vulnerable in my hands.

Lots more photos on Flickr as well….

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