Tony Abbott… Failed Chemistry, won race to the bottom.

“This is a draconian new police force chasing an invisible, odourless, weightless, tasteless substance” well, so said Tony Abbott on the Today show (29/7/11) . Now, of course we know this was an off the cuff comment, so can’t be trusted. Then so was his comment that off the cuff comments can’t be trusted, so really who knows.

This comment though shows not only a lack of understanding of the basic laws of the chemistry and even biology but a complete disrespect for science. One could make comments about his belief in “things that are invisible, odourless, weightless” like say God, but I won’t.….

It has been clearly detailed how he flip flops from I believe to I don’t depending on the audience he is talking to.  This throw away line however shows that he doesn’t believe in climate change in the slightest.  If Tony did believe in climate change even slightly he would not have said this comment because it is so fundamentally flawed.

If “invisible, odourless, weightless, tasteless substance[s]” are ok, that means that radiation is just fine in Tony’s book, even natural gas is o.k  ( the smell in natural gas is added so people can tell it is leaking ). Tony obviously has trouble believing that these substances can have any effect, because he can’t see them.

A few simple tests would help.  Say put a tonne of C02 in a container and drop it on his toe. But how much is a tonne of CO2?.  It is 505 m3 at room temperature (gas), or 0.625 m3 as a solid. Perhaps Tony failed the what is heavier a tonne of feathers or a tonne of bricks question at school.

I’m sure that Malcolm Turnbull did a facepalm when he heard what Tony had said.  Turnbull’s ability to speak to this subject in a clear and concise way without ever dumbing down the science is a credit to him.  Tony on the other hand is on the race to the bottom. The problem for the Labor party is that they don’t have Turnbull, or even his equal in this debate. Despite policies such as the price on carbon and the NBN, they are in an uphill battle with “but CO2 is invisible” and even on the NBN, “But devices are wireless”

Tony’s comment about the “Carbon Cops” is also wrong.  If the government did nothing to ensure that people weren’t being ripped off by dodgy business the Libs would be claiming “Pink Batts” all over again. You know that program, the one that reduced house fires. This from an opposition that is worried about the “jobs”.  Yet are on the record for saying the will sack 12,000+ Public Servants when they get into power.

The old adage of don’t argue with an idiot, no one can tell the difference have never been truer.

Labor shouldn’t have gone with the “but Tony is negative and has no policy” line.  They should have dragged him to the front of the class and put a dunce hat on him.  Or, more PC these days.. chipped in and got him a tutor so he can brush up on his chemistry.

I’d always hoped that the next potential PM of Australia would actually be smart enough for the job. Tony with this comment shows he isn’t.

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  1. ““This is a draconian new police force chasing an invisible, odourless, weightless, tasteless substance”

    The only weightless matter in this universe is the fact-defying drivel of populist politicians like him – also, the fervent monarchy lover all of a sudden complaining (after David Cameron’s letter) our government sounds like some kind of a ‘slave’ to Britain just because it doesn’t fit his ignorant agenda.

    An intellectual feather-weight and opportunist – clad in lycra.

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