Forget turning back the boats, we need to turn back the continent.

I remember one or two things from high school. Bullies was one of them, the other is the theory of continental drift.  Now this is where modern politics is letting us all down. They are all bullies, oh wait sorry wrong rant.  Continental Drift is the biggest issue facing this country, that and boat people.

Australia is heading north at a rate of between 1 and 4cm a year, the gap between Australia and PNG is only 160.322 km.  I don’t want to alarm anyone, but in 4 million years give or take, boat people will be able to WALK HERE.

We know Rudd has suggested the PNG solution, (obviously he is just 4million years ahead of his time), Abbott has the turn back the boats (Update: Operation Sovereign Borders (because what our borders aren’t sovereign already, and don’t start me on being a republic!)), but both politicians are being short sighted.  Typically they are thinking in terms of electoral cycles not geographical ones.

The parties should get serious about this. Forget the race to bottom in who can treat genuine refugees the worst, by either shooting at them or sending them to a hell-hole concentration camp. What we really need is an Australia wide approach to this problem.


We need to turn back Australia.

Yes, mock me all you like, but the boat people won’t get on a boat for a 2000km sea voyage from Indonesia when they have to face the roaring 40’s on the way.

Yes, that is right; we need to drag Australia down south.  Way way down south. This policy may seem extreme, but given we are facing an invasion or is it a national emergency, I can’t think of anything else that would be more sensible to address this issue.

A major bonus to the sporting mad nation that we are is that the extra year round snow would ensure that we would become a nation of world class winter Olympians. No more hoping for a single gold or two at the Winter Olympics, we could take on the world.

As an added bonus, we will get more whale watching opportunities and the impacts of global warming will be dramatically reduced as we are much further south.

Currently the only risk is an increase in solo around the world sailors bumping into Australia, but then think of the cost savings in sending the airforce to look for them. And this in’t that much of problem there has only been 3 or so in the last 20 years.

This policy isn’t fully costed yet, but hey the election hasn’t been called so that doesn’t matter.

Remember Vote 1: Turn back Australia.

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  1. Even more reasons….

    Think of the amazing photo ops… the Aurora, snow on Uluru etc.

    No more Abbott in budgie smugglers photos EVER.

    Surely this project is a goer, just a few engineering issues to sort out.

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