A few facts to consider before voting tomorrow…

There is NO budget emergency, Hockey/Abbott etc made the whole thing up to fit their narrative. The finally released costing documents delivered by a man who had taken a master class in displaying every single sign of lying in one twenty minute press conference showed that the difference between the Libs and the ALP is 0.36% of the budget over 4 years.  That’s fucking it.  They have banged on about BUDGET EMERGENCY, BUDGET CRISIS, EMERGENCY CRISIS, etc for so long people believe them.

Next, Labors NBN is the only way forward, no point in paying 3/4 as much for something that will only offer .25% of the speed.  Yes, that is right.  Labors NBN is offering 1000mbps, Fraudband is offering 25mbps.  Not a hard choice when you think about it.

The biggest scare is yet to come, the “Commission of Audit” which is code words for blame someone else for you breaking your promises.  As they said in Yes Minister, you don’t have a commission without knowing the result in advance, and I am sure the Liberals do.

As for the terrible minority government that didn’t work.  To start with the Libs passed 87% of the bills anyway and the house passed more bills that Howard did in his first term.  Silly things about facts is they don’t often fit the narrative do they.

As for refugees, a pox on both their houses, without a shadow of doubt.  But if you think that the ALP is going to be worse than Morrison, let’s talk about a bridge I have for sale.

If you think ensuring that the top 10% of people getting the PPL eat up 30% of the total cost of the scheme is fair, we need to have a discussion around what is fair.  The Liberals have said they can’t fund Gonski beyond 4 years because that is beyond the foward estimates, but tell us down to the dollar what the impact of carbon will be to 2050, yeah right.

Voting for the Liberals at this election because you only don’t like Labor is akin to cutting off your own arm because your toe nail is infected.

Education, the NBN, trying to do something about Climate change, rail, these are important issues.

Vote for whoever you want, sure, but stop and think before you do, it will be 3 years if not six before you can take your election result back to the shop for a refund, and you may find your house is destroyed in the meantime and not covered by your vote warranty.

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