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S60 test

This is a test for a text entry from the phone to the blog 🙂 which did actually work but i really do need a better keyboard for text entry as i an very slow at sms text 🙂


Ok. Now I am back on a proper keyboard, so now I can add some more details.

A quick google found me a couple of s60 based clients that work with s60 and wordpress. One is free the other cost $10US… the paid one didn’t work :-). perhaps with some more tweaking I could have got it to post but it just sat there saying posting and doing nothing.

So try the free one (http://scribe.na.nu/), currently in beta and yes it requires python, but I already have that installed so no problems there. Quick enter url, user name and password, and post the above text. Even edit the post. Sure it is a bit rough, bit it is on my phone, not a full blown pc, so if I need to enter a quick bit of text, it works a treat.

The cat part of wolfcat explained…

This has made my life much easier, understanding cats…

Tea time for a nerd

Tea time for a nerd

I guess I should write something that sums me up… this photo would be it… Taken on my Nokia n95 8gb, it has a new book on actionscript I got when i was up in Sydney, and the beer I had whilst waiting for some friends to turn up, and of course it is geotagged….

yep that would be me in one photo really.

Still funny….

Doesn’t matter how many times I watch this it is still funny.

Todays annoyance….

Everyday something annoys me, I am sure there is something that annoys everyone :-).

Today is 2 things (granted it is only lunch time… so there is still room for more)

Firstly man flu, I am suffering quite badly I think i may die before I even finish writing this.

And the other thing is being stuck in traffic behind some idiot in a Mazda 4×4 (No I will not use the term suv!), whilst he drove slowly having a very important phone call. The reason I know it was important was that he was talking on the phone… now if someone can afford to drive a 30k plus car and have a razor style phone (from what I could see), should they not also be able to afford a Bluetooth handsfree kit.

So the police can set up cameras that book people for speeding, but doing actual police work, like sitting on the side of the road watching traffic and booking people on their phone is obviously way too much hard work. I see someone on their phone every day during my 30 minute drive each way, should I just start taking photos of them and post them to the police. A photo seems to be the only way traffic enforcement is done these days.

Ok so I didn’t die from man flu, but it is coming I know…

Ok so this is working???

well well Bryce was right, go figure I have a word press blog set up….

and people that have been hassling me to either

  1. a: get a blog,
  2. b:get a life
  3. c: get rid of that old wolfcat site

can all be happy…. cause as this video says…. ‘I;m Blogging’.