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Daytime T.V

O.k, so now I am coughing up large lumps of phlegm. So I think my man flu has now progressed to the point that other people can see that I am acutally sick. So whilst I wait for my doctors appointment this arvo, I have the joys of day time tv.

I have decided that day time tv is programmed to encourage you to go to work. Given the choice of sitting at home watch tv or sitting at work behind the glow of lcd screens for 8 hours feeling miserable… the work option is not to bad…. Today I have the choice of the big o, the big phil, 2 morning shows, and a series of soaps that even if I did bring myself to watch them since the last time I did (sary around 1o years ago), nothing will have changed and I can pick up on the show anyway.

Of course I have my one saving grace… DVD :-). So today I think I will just lie back, watch a movie or two, cough a lot, feel sorry and miserable for myself and look forward to returning to work.