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Carpet Cleaning in the modern world

Year and and years and years ago (yes it was a long time ago).. So long ago it was even before George Lucas ruined star wars with ep 1, I saw a job add that I went along to the “Sales Pitch” for. It took them nearly 45 minutes to even say what the product was. Turned out it was a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner sales job. At which point I got up and so did most of the other people in the room.

So now much time has progressed since then, my childhood memories have been distorted by the whole eps 1-3 saga and I have grown up a lot more and have a real job where I don’t sell either my soul or little old ladies $2000 cleaners that they never needed or wanted. But I digress.

We as you may be aware are moving house… all fun and games I must say, especially given that I was going to spend this week packing and not lying on the couch dying of man flu as I have. So I go out and check the mail. Yesterday we received something I thought was just a bit of a coincidence being a postcard type thing for carpet cleaning. I did notice that it did have a stamp on it, but it was address “to the tenant” so I presumed it was just a bit of junk mail.

Today we get 4 more carpet cleaning letters (ok it was only 3, one of the companies sent us two letters). Now hats off to them for proactive marketing I think. Some more office worker must be sitting in a very dark closet that smells like carpet cleaning fluid all day surfing the web looking for new places that have come on the market. Then if they are not high enough already then spend hours licking envelopes and stamps to send out carpet cleaning flyer’s to people who are moving.

Now this would all be great and dandy bar one little point….. We DON’T HAVE CARPET. The house has polished floor board through out.. All very nice and shiny mind you, however I don’t think that they would cope with having a carpet cleaning machine run over them.

So somewhere there are people who have wasted a whole lot of time effort and licking of envelopes for nothing…. but then if I was stuck in a closet sniffing carpet cleaning fluids all day I might just send out letters to anyone just so i could walk to the post office for 5 minutes.

Firmware Installed….

Now for the fun part.

Yes the firmware installed, and yes the backup worked… but Nokia still has work to do. A whole pile of my applications didn’t reinstall properly. Divx Player, Ybrowser, s-tris 2, gmail, twibble and pac man for example had to be reinstalled from the app manager.

One of my apps just didn’t install at all, that being palringo which I use as my gtalk client.

Now see I am what I would think was a fairly high end user, but this is a pain for me. I have to now resintall all the apps from the sis files in the app manager and I have to then go to all of the trouble of moving the folder structure around to what I had and what I liked.

I use the key codes to launch apps most of the time (it is plain faster). For those of you that didn’t know this. When ever a menu is open say applications for example, if it is the third item across just press 3 and the app will start. Saves a lot of navigating once you are in a folder.

Now I am having to reinstall my maps as well, as the firmware overwrote my beta2.0 maps file. But my maps and places are still there which is good.

BIG WARNING… Assisted GPS gets turned back on! This is am not happy with at all. (Settings, General, Positioning,Positioning methods). I don’t use it, I don’t really need it. I find the gps gets a fix fast enough most of the time and I don’t have a data plan. They are just way to expensive in Australia at the moment even for the short calls that AGPS makes. I use the gps on my phone every day, it starts to add up.

One of the improvements I have noticed is that the Satellite Status in Postioning is much improved. It is now visible with a better outline of the signal strength. This used to be really hard to see even indoors, now it is really clear.

This of course is not in the change log, so make me wonder what other “improvements” have been made…

The only other thing that is a bit screwy is NGage got a little confused. I now two versions of Ngage, the trial and the full version. Very strange. Obviously the firmware doesn’t have the full release of the ngage in it… whoops me thinks that was an oversight.

Took me a bit of hunting to find the new auto rotation feature, so here it is….. settings, personalisation, display, rotate screen.

More to come as I keep installing stuff and finding what else is annoying me…

– Update

ShareOnline like maps reverted to the old version and I can not work out how to get it back on the main screen. Not a no deal situation, but annoying.

Firmware Update Nokia n95 8gb.

Yeah.. it is firmware update time.

so now I am writing a blog entry based on the following update working and doing what it is meant to…. (and the backup restoring everything)

Firstly that update means one less bit of software. I bid a fond farewell to rotate-me 2.0 which had become obsolete…

What’s new in v20.0.016:

  • Automatic screen rotation, driven by the accelerometer, as on the N82
  • Browser and Wi-Fi bug fixes

Thanks you the folks over at Symbian for the heads up on this. http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/

and the change log care of Symbian-Freak

New features:

  • Automatic Screen Rotation (ASR)
  • Support for new combo memory added


  • Improvement when creating a voice call from WAP page.
  • Improvements to embedded video functionality in browser.
  • Sending email via browser flash plugin improvements.


  • Mail in HTML format handling from Gmail IMAP server improved.


  • WLAN connection stability improvements
  • BT connection stability improvements with certain BT headsets
  • USB connection stability improvements


  • Voice call handling improvements after certain type U.S.S.D message receiving.
  • Stability improvements to gallery for case when there‚Äôs lot of content in Gallery
  • Improvements to switch application
  • Voicemail icon handling improvements

Localization corrections:

  • Deletion of all contacts now possible even more than 6000 contacts in phonebook
  • Startup functionality improvements