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The Joys of Moving….

So the move moves forward.  We have a deadline which like most deadlines in my life is not a light at the end of a tunnel but is a freight train in the same tunnel as I am.

so far I am a week behind in the packing, moving, mowing of lawns, cleaning e.t.c.  All because of some damned lurgy that has attached itself to me.  3 days off work and a weekend and I still don’t feel that much better.  Although to my credit I did toss and turn for hours last night and in between coughing fits thought about all the work that I had to do at work coupled with all the work that I had to do at home.

So over the weekend I had to obtain a bank cheque or money order for the bond.  No probs I think, I will stop passed the post office get a money order and then go passed medicare, then get petrol and still be home in time to see some of the 2020 coverage on ABC2. Fine I watched the coverage of 2020 on ABC 2, yes I am that sad.  I was also peved that there was a V8 race on this weekend as well and I don’t have picture in picture on my tv set or I could have watched both.  Sadley I stuck with 2020. I should have more to say on 2020 like most people I am sure once I have read through and seen what people did and did not talk about.

Which brings me to one point.  Yesterday coverage of the v8’s on 7 didn’t start until 2 and the race until 4ish, of course with the time zone difference that would mean 6 in NZ.  Which is wasn’t.  How hard is to to show an international event life?  Anyway where was I.

Oh yes my frantic running around.  Stop at post office, as for money order, only to be told that money orders can only be made for $1000 max.  Great, so I can get 2 money orders, pay two money order fees and risk the real estate agent screwing it up or go to the bank and get a bank cheque.  What is with Australian Post and come to think of it the rental companies.  Given how much rents have gone up unless you are paying less than $200 p/w you can’t get a money order for the rent.

So I go to the bank, the drop pass medicare to claim my $30 back from the $60 I outlayed at the doctors for a whole 5 minutes to get a medical cert for work.  I am in the wrong game for earning money that is.  I should set up a business that dispense medical certs.  All I have to do is look at people say yes or no, charge them $30 for 5 minutes and they have saved money and I have made lots of it.

So that was yesterday.  Today consisted of a slight increase in energy output.  I managed to get a little bit of gardening done (still have to mow the lawns, but between coughing and more coughing, a dusty lawn mower is not going to do be a lot of good.), when then second joy of moving house arose.  Whilst I was out trying to find boxes for moving (aka Dan Murphys) we had a visitor.  My beloved was at home working away in the storage cupboard (or second bedroom if you belive the real estate hype) when she noticed some one about to look in the window.

Evidently it is ok to walk into a property that has been advertised on the internet as if it was your own.  Regardless of whether or not you still live there or have any rights.  See I think that is just plain rude.  After being informed that while yes the house is for rent, it wont be open for inspection for another week or so and can you please get of my property now, not a single apology was to be heard.   I am hoping that this couple do turn up to the inspection so I can follow them home to their house and start walking around.  Evidently it may be in the market shortly.