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New page added :-)

If you look in the top navigation on the site you will notice that I have added a new page. Called KML’s it is designed to be a repository of Kml files that I make 🙂 The files are made either via my Asus R2H or my Nokia N95 8GB.

Oh man this is coming out on the 21st party…..

This video footage is coming out on this kids 21st that is for sure….

This is what happens when you are a little to greedy with the old fashion Claw game…..

I want this one….

New advert for the Subaru WRX STI. Ok so the car is butt ugly and I really do prefer the older version. And really want I want is a diesel forester xt with a low range option but you can’t always get what you want. (Hmm could be a song in that….). Well at least the diesel forester isn’t going to be in Australia for a few years at least.

I love the sub on this add however…

“Do not attempt. Really. Do not tho this.Stunts performed at sanctioned events. Specially equipped rally vehicle.”


“Professional driver. Closed course. Obey all traffic laws, always drive safely and wear your seat belt.”

Both of these are like “no shit sherlock”! Of course your average 22 year old male subaru driver is going to say “Hey wait a minute, the small type said not to do this, so i will now drive at the speed limit and never put the car into sports mode and set the diff to slide out mode.”

anway enjoy.