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Update to Nokia PC Phone…

** Update ** (23 April 08)

For the life of me I can not get this to work :-)…. I have tried all sorts of updates, deletes, reboots e.t.c and still no joy…. I will be going back to the old version for a while me thinks….


Via Nokia betalabs…

what is a bit strange is the release date is 15 April in the change log, but the software only came out today…


Version 1.2.2204


15 April, 2008


This is the fourth public Nokia PC Phone Beta release.

– Significant performance improvements; the first time you connect you phone is slowish (PC Phone does a
“full sync” with your phone), though
– General stability issues corrected
– In call and SMS logs dates were shown as “today” although they actually were “yesterday”.
– Get Connected Wizard now warns about incompatible phones and connectivity methods (does not
tell that S60 3.0 phones are not fully compatible, though)
– Most of sorting and search problems fixed
– Problems with national characters in contacs fixed
– Some times PC Phone mixed certain phone number fields in contacts
– PC Phone installer does not install add-on for Internet Expoler other than 7.x
– Problems with multiline note in contacts corrected
– Phone numbers in Contact details were sometimes mixed (i.e. home number was seen as work number)
– Special characters in contact text fields caused prblems; fixed
– Web page phone number recognition has been improved (covers more phone number writing styles)
– IE7: phone numbers in Contacts tab are not any more “painted” for click-to-call
– “Recognize phone numbers” setting in Firefox is now saved (i.e. the setting is not lost when Firefox is restarted)
– In certain situations incoming call/SMS number was not mapped to name; corrected
– The telephone number of a contact was not seen in contact details with some phones; fixed
– A telephone number in contacts can be in format +44(12)345678 – i.e. parenthesis (and also other delimites) are
New features:
– Call log entry can be deleted
– Browser “refresh” button initiates full (and slow) sync with phone
– Added new “doing something” indicators
– When answering a call with SMS the caller number is editable (in some cases the phone drops
leading “0” or international prefix)
– SMSes sent with PC Phone and S40 phones are now saved in PC Phone

Known issues:

IMPORTANT NOTE: always use “Get Connected Wizard” at least once with S60 phones:
the small application needed is installed from there. Instructions:
– do not connect USB cable
– start Nokia PC Phone view in your browser
– click the “Not connected” button at the upper right corner of Nokia PC Phone screen
– follow the instructions; remember to accept the application installation with your phone
– When the phone is connected the first time, syncronization may be slow
– Vista support is only preliminary
– Disconnect/reconnect cable with certain older phone models does not work reliable
– Support for Series 60 phones is preliminary (only Series 60 3.0 Feature Pack 1 phones with are USB supported)
– Updating/installing Nokia PC Suite will cause one Nokia PC Phone to crash. This is harmless, though.
After rebooting the PC (needed after PC Suite installation) everything works fine.
This was verified with Nokia PC Suite version
– IE7: click to Add contacts and SMS has issues with opening PC Phone window & focus handling
– Random interoperability problems with PC Suite (either PC Suite or PC Phone cannot connect to phone)
– Some phones do not allow phone number with international prefix (+NN) when making a local call;
the +NN must be manually removed when dialing out

Nokia Music store for Australia. (and why I wont use it)


All music on the Nokia Music Store can be purchased through a variety of payment options, including credit cards and pre-paid vouchers.
Individual tracks will cost 1.70 Australian dollars per track and albums from 17.00 Australian dollars. The Nokia Music Store will also offer a monthly subscription for PC users to stream an unlimited number of full length tracks for 10.00 Australian dollars per month.
Check out Nokia Music Store http://music.nokia.com.au

and wait for the annoyance factor..

“Nokia Music does not currently support the Mozilla Firefox browser on your operating system”

Sorry but that alone is a dead end app. I don’t use IE, if a company can not support Firefox I really will not use their product. A Nokia smart phone is a high end device, Firefox is more often than not used in the developer community by high end users…. way to go nokia… not.