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small change – new twitter page.

I have moved the twitter stream of the left hand column of the site and created a new twitter page 🙂

most of my readers are either on twitter and following me (and if not WHY NOT)

if you still don’t know what twitter is or why it is actually really important read this again.

So click on the Twitters link in the top nav, it will give you my twitter feed , plus my twit pics feed as well.

and yes i am still sick, this time i have the flu (and still a broken arm) and have taken more time off work and have lost my voice as well, thus the sad lack of updates on the site.

Hacking goes Mainstream.

Thought I would put up this blog post before “The Age changes its mind an modifies the article

The article is here

“The release of the Pwnage 2.0.1 hack is likely to spark a surge of developer interest in the device. Already an emulator for the archaic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games console has been released, allowing users to play NES games on their iPhone.

Other unofficial applications developed for the iPhone include Navizon (improves the built-in GPS by updating the user’s location very 10 seconds, not just when the “locate me” button is pushed), iSMS (send text messages to multiple recipients) and Native VNC (control your Mac or PC from the iPhone).

The hack can only be installed from a Mac computer but step-by-step instructions for Windows users can be found here.”

Now what is most interesting here is not that someone has found at least a partial way to Jailbreak the IPhone 2.0 nor the fact that The Age is covering the story as the story is valid.  It is both that they point out the benefits and LINK to the software and instructions.

The Age is telling you why and how to do something that is illegal! Hacking your IPhone, whilst I agree is a damned good idea is one thing, main stream media telling you how to do it is a seismic shift in the market.

What Apples reaction to a big corporation with lots of money they could sue could be interesting.  Both if they do and if they don’t do anything!  Tacit approval for hacking your Iphone comes from Apple doing or saying nothing about this article.  Which of course adds more fuel to fire for the case for Apple to really open up the device to the average user not just those brave enough to follow a hacking link in The Age!

Maps Loader goes 2.0

Awhile back, I posted a link to Nokia Beta Labs about the new Maps Loader as a beta. Well they have just announced that it has graduated.

So head on over and get it.  This makes downloading and controlling maps much easier.  And if you are a casual licence user the ability to buy maps via your pc before you go on that weekend away will be a big improvement.

and here is the direct link to save you naffing around the nokia website.


Betalabs says..

Major fixes in the release version:

  • Vista 64 issue is fixed
  • S40 support added
  • Included pc suite drivers in the installer that should make maploader independent from PC Suite
  • Many, many bug fixes

Software Page Updated

I sent out a tweet to someone this afternoon about software I have installed on my N95 and then realised that I hadn’t updated the Software page in a while.

So a few minutes later I managed to have a quick look through my phone and tidied up the page. The only thing I removed was a link to a bit of Nokia betalabs software which they pulled about a month ago. Pity I did like it, but it was unstable and they have canned development.

So click on the N95 8gb link above or here to find what is still on my phone and why I use it.

Also please feel free to let me know if I am missing something that is a must have.

Site update…

I upgraded to word press 2.6, and of course the theme i was using doesn’t work 🙂 (update due to something i screwed up)

so, the site may bit a bit ugly until I find a new theme that works how i want it to.. till then everything else is normal, do not attempt to adjust your sets 🙂

(and now everything should be in working order once more :-))

Getting out of a Court Case – Accidents do happen!

This blog post is simply a way of saving me a shit load of time later.  See I was witness to an event that I just know is going to come up as a law suite.
So here goes.

RoadworksAt approximately 11:40 on Monday the 15th of July I was walking on the northern side of Glenferrie Road near the intersection of Barkley Ave having just finished an appointment at the Cabrini Hospital to have my broken arm checked, when i saw some movement that caught my eye.  I noticed a woman in her late fifties lying on the ground moaning.  Having just suffered a nasty fall myself two days earlier I quickly walked the short distance to where she was lying to try and render assistance.  This was somewhat difficult with shopping in one hand and my right arm in a sling.  I helped her to sit with her back to the wall, at which point it was obvious that she had hurt herself quite badly.  There were a couple of very nasty cuts to her face.  These cuts were bleeding very heavily as well.

I asked her if she wanted me to call an ambulance, and after two goes, she said, no call my husbands paging service which I did at (11:45) He returned my call 3 min later at which point I told him that his wife had taken a heavy fall, our current location and that he should get here ASAP to take her to hospital.

A kind man from a computer store gave us a box of tissues and a few council workers stood around, one of which had a big bottle of water which she used to clean her hands.  She was in a lot of pain and obvious shock.  During all of this the council workers were busy stating to me and anyone that would listen, that the pavement where she had tripped was another work crews area! I must say i found this some what distasteful at the time.

At 11:55 or there about her husband turned up. He parked the car on Barkley Ave carrying with him a bag of medical equipment (his wife earlier telling me that he was an eye doctor) came over kissed his wife on the forehead.  Then things got weird.  He stood back from her, told here to look up and took as photo of her with his phone. Then he walked away 10 meters took more photos of the scene, all the while I was still comforting his wife.  He then got into a brief argument with two of the council workers, whilst I gathered the woman’s personal possessions and tried with only one arm to move a barrier so that he could get her into the car. By 12:05 he finally had her in his car and he said he was going to take her to Cabrini Hospital.  I took a couple of photos of the scene at this point while 2 more council workers told me it was not their fault.  One even made the very bad taste that the husband might have pushed her.

Now, this is the bit to get me out of going to court. Firstly it was obvious that there were road works.  The noise alone would have alerted a blind person to the hazards.  And the area the woman tripped did have signs etc. Also what the woman tripped on was a lot less rougher than say the cobble stones on the street.  The husbands primary reaction was one of looking for some one to blame (and blame later such was his attention to detail in photographing the scene).  It was an accident plan and simple.  The poor woman tripped, as I did 2 days before hand in a different suburb.  I feel for her, I really do having been forced to take a week off work and typing this blog entry via one hand hunt and peck. She will be in a lot of pain for quite some time and may well have some scares to show for it.  The actions of both the husband and the council workers still makes me sick.

We have moved into a world where litigation is king and blame shifting sits right next to him on the throne.
Accidents happen, that is why they are called accidents.

I've had better weeks :Quick Update

Sorry for being so quite on the blog for the last week and a bit, but i have had my reasons.

9 days ago i had about 15 sebaceous cysts cut from my back and neck.  Nothing to serious about them, but i was out on the table for two hours! Well out is not the correct term.

I was given Ketamine as the anaesthetic which induces a state referred to as “dissociative anesthesia”. Basically i went on a two hour trip. During which i worked out that twitter is a 3d dimensional space that looks similar to Zion from the Matrix movies. Yes I am that sad i had a twitter trip.

So last Saturday i awoke more properly only to realise that i had 36 stitches across me back and neck.

Photos are here and here (they are a bit icky so that is why there are text links only.)

So I spent all of last week tossing and turning with very little sleep and generally feeling miserable. Then comes yesterday.

On the way back from getting some antibiotics for all my wounds I helped a man push his car out of the way of traffic. And as i turned to run back to my car which was still blocking the road when i took a heavy fall. I had real trouble moving my right arm, and drove 2k’s home using only my left arm. I am really lucky it was my right arm as i drive a manual car and i don’t think i could have moved the car otherwise. So after two hours with the pain getting stronger, Cat drove me back to the doctors, then to a private hospital. At that point i was given an injection for the pain, a lot of x-rays and told that i had fractured one of my forearm radial bones.

Broken armSo now i have a sling that rubs the stitches on the back of my neck and am down to one hand typing and i still feel like shit.

I have had better weeks 🙂

And the moral of my story is two fold.

  1. never get cocky about how long it has been since you last went to hospital.
  2. no good deed goes unpunished.

Sign of the Times

Went out shopping this evening and had to take a photo of this. I think this shows when a device has truly reach consumer level. When so many people have an item that putting up a sign about it is required. It took a few years before skateboarding signs or Rollerblading signs, then mobile phone signs came along. But now after years of playing with various GPS devices I do think they have come of age.

Now there is a sign warning you. Even the fine print on the sign, get rid of the suction cup marks. Perhaps there is a business opportunity there for someone a suction cup that doesn’t leave a mark.

Nokia Location Based Chat…

Those boys and girls have been busy at Nokia Betalabs, and have released a new chat toy to play with.

Nokia Chat is a Presence and IM client that integrates to your Contacts Application. It can do automated presence based on your location too. Way it works is that you just save landmarks you want to broadcast and boom – in no time you’ll be saying things without typing anything. Do visit our web page to find out more details.”

Of course this requires a nokia account to set up and some sort of strange double handling to get my gtalk users on as well.  So not sure just how usable it will be.  But if all your friends are on Nokia’s it might just work. But then it is a beta app as well, and most of the feedback seems to say that the app is good, but that the addition of different users is a pain.

I think it might be time to secure that Nokia Account user name anyway just so you have the heads up for some of the things that are coming.

Are you drunk or this is a church…..

A series of intoxication guidelines have been drawn up by the New South Wales Office of Liquor and Gaming and yet I read something very different into them…  With Word Youth Day coming up (and it is a lot longer than a single day, but then given that the bible says that the earth was created in 7 days, I am willing to give the church a bit of lee way here seeing as they obviously have no idea how long a day is)

Here is the condensed list that I feel is both appropriate to the church and to being drunk.

  1. Slurring words (have you ever listened to a preacher!)
  2. Rambling or unintelligible conversation(have you ever listened to a preacher!)
  3. Incoherent or muddled speech(have you ever listened to a preacher!)
  4. Loss of train of thought(have you ever listened to a preacher!)
  5. Not understanding normal conversation ( You try explaining you are a rationalist o them)
  6. Difficulty in paying attention ( You try explaining evolution to them)
  7. Fumbling change (The church is great a making money not handing it out)
  8. Difficulty counting money or paying (The church is great a making money not handing it out)
  9. Difficulty opening doors ( Tell a preacher you are gay and ask him to open a door for you)
  10. Rudeness (No more need be said on this point)
  11. Aggression (No more need be said on this point)
  12. Belligerent (No more need be said on this point)
  13. Argumentative (No more need be said on this point)
  14. Offensive (No more need be said on this point)
  15. Bad tempered (No more need be said on this point)
  16. Physically violent (No more need be said on this point)
  17. Loud or boisterous (No more need be said on this point)
  18. Confused (No more need be said on this point)
  19. Disorderly (No more need be said on this point)
  20. Exuberance (No more need be said on this point)
  21. Using offensive language (No more need be said on this point)
  22. Annoying or pestering others (No more need be said on this point)
  23. Overly friendly (Think Hillsong or other such ilk and how they want you to join)
  24. Inappropriate sexual advances (No more need be said on this point)