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An Unsuspecting Door


Originally uploaded by garrett_ryan_smith

Now this Photo (and not taken by me) is not just your average Flickr Photo. There is something a little more special about it. Its Id Number is 3000000000.

That makes this the 3billionth photo uploaded to Flickr in the last 4 Years. (Flickr was launched in Feb 04, and didn’t come out of beta until 2006!)

That is all user generated content of people sharing photos of everything from the mundane to the slightly weird to the extraordinary. But Still that is 3 billion Photos. Or there are the equivalent of photos for half the worlds population.

The advent of cheap digital cameras and camera phones means that photography has moved even more from a common medium to one that is used by the masses for the masses and shared with the masses.

I think we all need to look at this photo and think if 3 Billion photos have been uploaded to this one website is 4 years, what does lie behind the black and white door. It could not be a stronger metaphor.