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The Oz goes twitter bashing.. misses the point AGAIN.

(yes I know I do need to work on this blog more….)

The Australia runs a story (well o.k, they don’t have any journo’s left so the run a wire story) about Twitter, bashing it again… this time with the none to provocative headline of “Twitter useless as public opinion gauge” (http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25590556-12377,00.html)

Whilst I am sure others could go into a lot more detail… this is just a short rant about what a load of crock the article is.

10% of the numbers of people using twitter generating 90% of the content is a shit load of people actually (if 2 million people alone are following one celb!).  And the number is higher than a lot of blogs and newspapers anyway on how much public opinion they actually get.

A quick look at the The Age poll page for example gives you a real highlight as to user numbers. I will take the big leap and presume that the numbers interacting with The Australian and The Age are even within 50% of the same… have a look at the voter numbers on this page http://www.theage.com.au/polls/sport/form2.html

THE BIRD : What punishment should Ben Cousins receive for his one-finger salute?
A fine – 24%
Suspension – 12%
Nothing – 63%
Total Votes: 651 Poll date: 31/05/09

Striking decision : Are Sydney right to suspend Barry Hall from the club?
Yes – 40%
No – 60%
Total Votes: 5 Poll date: 07/07/08

WISHFUL THINKING : Should the AFL abandon its plans to establish a second Sydney team in the next four years?
Yes – 85%
No – 15%
Total Votes: 1233 Poll date: 04/02/09

So less than 10% of the readers of The Age are giving their opinion…. Come on Oz, lift your game, or should we just do a poll on how many people actually read the paper…..