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But I don't have all the gear…

The Crossing

Exposure:  5s
Aperture: f/13.0
Focal Length: 18 mm
Exposure: +0.35
ISO Speed: 400

So you have a giant bag of stuff and twenty different lens’, 40 different filters and countless other accessories for the camera and you are lugging them around with you…. but why.

Today’s shot for example… was taken with the D90, with the following equipment the 18-55mm VR Kit Lens, the standard battery and a 52mm filter… nothing more. To compensate for the lack of a tripod and the fact it is a 5 second shot I placed the camera on the ground on the kerb, and held it down with one hand and used my other to trigger the shutter.

I was waiting for the crossing signals to go… so I had already seen the shot… but using no fancy expensive equipment (bar the camera that is :-)) I took advantage of the environment to give me an interesting angle and what I felt was a much better shot. A tripod shot is never going to get a low and have the dramatic foreground that I ended up with.

The technical data of the shot is there as well… all that I did was set the camera to Shutter Priority Mode (S) on the dial and thumb wheel (the back dial) to 5″ to set the 5 second exposure length.

Even the geotagging was done in Flickr… I knew where I was when I took the shot, so just added that later as well.

So sometimes it does help not to have all the baggage you might just get a better shot for it.  (but I still want the gear on my list…. before my wife says no you don’t need it…. for other projects)