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Final Route for #wtrip09 in one Map

Here is the route I am planning on taking for my Xmas Roadtrip.

Like last year it is a week on the road by myself with the usual array of phones, gps, camera and laptops :-), will be taking the small tent and camping along the way doing about 400k per day on average for the 2200km trip to Brisbane.  I should be leaving around Mondaythe 14th of December to arrive in Brisbane on the 20th of Dec.

If you know of something I should see on this route please let me know.

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But wait there's more… now we have t-shirts

yes… just when you thought it was safe to go to my blog and not be pestered…

Now I have a few t-shirt designs for sale on Red Bubble…

First cab of the rank.

one for the fans of #qanda.  If you never watched the show this really wont me anything, so don’t panic if you don’t think it is funny.

I'll Take that as Comment

Next… with everyone on Twitter having the opportunity to be a citizen journalist (personally I think the term citizen reporter is more apt and certainly closer to what eye witnesses to events tweeting them are) now you have the shirt.  Please note it does not work as a press pass to all the cool events.

"I'm a small j journalist"

And finally one of the Physicists in all us nerds…. with a hint of atheism thrown in for good measure.   If the Higgs Boson is the so called “God Particle” perhaps like Jesus it has been behind the couch the whole time.

I found the higgs boson