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#wolfcatcubs update – holy crap batman they are coming on MONDAY….

Well, I thought the nice measured title, reflects the measured mood that I am in at the moment.

Of course I am in a measured mood, I am sitting back on a Friday night with a beer.  A well deserved beer after the day I have had as well.

Yesterday marked the start of Week 35.  So Ultrasound, blood test, BP etc.  And like all great drama’s I didn’t pay attention to the ominous music playing in the background did I.

Test results came back fine for the Cubs, but Mrs Wolfcat is to coin a technical phrase.. “FULL”.  Her body has decieded to slow down, with her BP up, blood work not coming back as good as it should have etc.  So we have moved from the optomistic “Lets aim for Week 37”, to the “you’ve done enough.. Week 36 ( aka thursday ) to the ” We are admitting you in a few hours, pack a bag, aiming for Monday.

So I calmly drove home, and with little fan fair or panic helped get Mrs Wolfcat’s final things together and took her to hospital.

Even after a few hours in the “uber” gymnastic contortionists dream of a bed she is looking a bit more rested, so Monday looks like the day.

Now I have to run around and do all those jobs I still had weeks to do over the weekend.  Worse yet, I am getting instructions on bits of paper on how to do said tasks, which of course leads to fear of loosing the bits of paper.

The camera is charged, fresh batteries in the flash, memory cards emptied, and even a back up camera just in case.

Sometime Monday morning I become a father of twins….  ok… I think I need another beer.