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Yes.. This training video will help for #wolfcatcubs tomorrow…

Yep… that covers all I need for the hospital….

And this song… covers today…

16 hours to go before #wolfcatcubs… NO am I not excited.

Why oh why do people ask me if I am excited about the arrival of the #wolfcatcubs.  I’m not, there is nothing to be excited about.

Terrified is the best word to describe what I am feeling.  Perhaps it makes people feel better to ask you are excited.  My wife is in hospital with twins coming in under 16 hours.  What is there to be excited about…

For example in no particular order, what if I drop them, what if they aren’t healthy, how will I pay for them, what if they don’t breast feed properly, what if my wife is really crook post op, I don’t have enough leave, what if I drop them ( yes I know I said it twice ), what if I screw up the one chance I have to get a great first photo etc etc etc…..

People have said I will make a great father… how do they know.  I couldn’t organise my way out of a wet paper bag when it comes to domestic duties. About the only thing I can do that is remotely parent related is tell really bad Dad jokes.

See there is a lot to be terrified about.  They will they be cute and will I love them, that is a given (well cute if they take after Mrs Wolfcat, not me).  So I have that covered already….  So back to being terrified I go.

I have a week to finish sorting things around the house, and at least most of the big pieces are in place.  But so many little things… for what will be very little things.

I might be excited next week, but this week while I try and get my head around everything I am just terrifed.

Of course next week I will bring them home… then I will be terrified all over again.