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#wolfcatcubs have arrived

14 years in development (with plenty of practice) the collaborative Wolfcat installation project of 2011 was successfully completed this morning.

Wolf and Cat are pleased to announce the Wolfcatcubs are finally at large.

Please join us in welcoming into the world, the latest members of the Dale/Cocklin Clan, our beautiful new twin baby daughters


Erin  Amelia Dale  Cocklin
Zara  Augusta Dale  Cocklin

35 weeks 5 days gestation
delivered by caesarean section

8:38am   Monday   4thJuly   2011

Jessie McPherson Private Hospital, Melbourne.

Erin  weight:  2.750 kg (6.06 pounds)   length:  48cm ( 18.89inches )

Zara  weight:  2.560 kg (5.64 pounds )   length:  48cm ( 18.89inches )

~ All involved are doing well ~

(though at least one of us has been scarred for life by the experience)

Further details as they become available, together with perhaps far too many photographs to be found at… bit.ly/wolfcatcubs


(Erin with the Red Cap, Zara without a cap, Mum with the blue cap )

for good luck, please feel free to wet the babies heads

or even smoke that fine cigar (twitter says a cigar for each baby is in order apparently)

(I know we will be indulging – guess who is looking forward to which the most)
Meet #wolfcatcubs - Erin

Meet #wolfcatcubs - Zara

… One stunned mullet…
How hard can this dad thing be....

and if you look at the big version of this image you will see that I am actually giving the #wolfcatcubs their first feed, not just standing around.

Erin puts her best foot foward

Zara puts her best foot foward