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Now the #wolfcatcubs are here… I need to say sorry to them for a few things…

Now that you are here… I guess there are a few things I need to say sorry for… in no particular order:

Sorry that I took so long to getting around to making you.  I thought I was trying to wait till I was ready, it was never going to be long enough, I’m still not ready.

Sorry I laughed at you when you fell over and didn’t really hurt yourself.  It will be light relief for me for all those nights I stay up with worry when you are ill.

Sorry that your sibling is better at something than you are.  But there will always be people better at something even if you are really good at it, but I’ll still encourage you.

Sorry you didn’t achieve something the first time.  Like everything you will find that practice does make things better, but maybe not always perfect.

Sorry you lost.  You are a winner in my eyes, but losing, in a game or in a race is something that happens to us all.

Sorry when your beloved pet died.  Life does end, and it is a lesson you will need to learn, but hopefully not too much.

Sorry for when you lost the mystery of Christmas and the Tooth Fairy.  But as you grow up the mysteries that still exist in science can open your eyes to even more amazing things.

Sorry that you walked in when Mum and Dad were having a special hug.  But nowhere near as sorry as I will be when you grow up if I walk in.

Sorry I didn’t get you a pony, that doll, or any other expensive toy you had your heart set on.  I’m not the richest parent, but I will give you lots of love for free.

Sorry that people will say you can’t do something because of your gender. . As your father I won’t be one of those people.

Sorry, but music was better in my day, its a rule of being a parent..

Sorry for telling you off for doing the bad things that I did growing up.  And no, I’m not telling you what they were.

Sorry also that the “original” song or film are way better than the remake you have grown up with.

Sorry that school sucks.  If you are lucky you will get some teachers to make learning fun, and to open your eyes to the amazing universe around us.

Sorry for those long car trips where you get carsick.  One day you will hopefully look back and remember the amazing places we have seen together.

Sorry that I make you ask why so many times.  It is the most important question you can ask.  And is much better than “are we there yet”

Sorry I smacked you on the hand when you were young.  But you were going for something dangerous and haven’t yet learned what going to your room means.

Sorry for the pain that you get from a few jabs as your growing up.  The pain from a preventable disease however is worth the small inconvenience.

Sorry you heart will get broken a few times. One or more of those times as your father I might even be relieved, not that I will ever tell you that.

Sorry that your first job is going to be shuffling burgers or trolleys or some such task.  You won’t be the CEO to begin with. You can be in the future, with hard work, education and discipline.

Sorry if you choose a career based on love and not money.  You’ll do it much harder in most cases, but it will be so much easier to live with yourself if you do.

Sorry that I wasn’t there when you did so many things for the first or even last time.  Even if I miss these I will always be there for you.

Sorry that the world around you has lost its way in a race to the bottom. I hope when you are old enough to vote that politics does mean something once more.

Sorry that everyone just thinks of themselves, and this is increasing.  I’ll do my best to teach you empathy and understanding.

But even with these sorrows, there is something I am not sorry for and that is for having you. Welcome to world, it is an amazing place