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Hey Main Stream Media… not everything on the internet is real you know. #melbquake.

Many of you may have seen the #melbquake video showing a cat strumming a guitar while the earthquake happened.

Of course if you stopped and thought about it, it was a fake. The camera person didn’t react, the cat’s reaction wasn’t right, the sound wasn’t right and the quake didn’t come in 3 waves…. but hey it was a cute video.

The “Cat earthquake Video”

The “Original Version” ( Very hard to find, you know you had to read the comments in the video )

And for the bonus extra laughs The Channel 7 news version.

Once again, traditional media seems to think that Youtube is like some wire service when it comes to attribution, really is it that hard to put the persons name in the super ( See my previous run in with Channel 9 lifting my content here ).

That aside, did either 7 or 10 even bother to check the video or in the rush to put something out (22 hours later) did you think no one would notice. It is a pity more people don’t question the content you show on your “news”.

Funny how footage coming out of Syria or Egypt often has a voice over saying “unverified”, but this content must be legit because it was on youtube.

I won’t even go into the News Ltd articles that were behind a paywall which featured nothing more than user generated content from twitter, that is a whole other rant.

Beyond pathetic, beyond lazy and if you were wondering why MSM is in trouble, wonder no more.


In a unrelated note: there is my “I survived” t-shirt.