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My Essential BBQ Tips for the Australian Summer.

Coopers 62 and a new BBQOnce again we are heading into the Australia summer. For some of us in the lucky states who aren’t afraid of fading curtains, it means long warm evenings and relaxing with friends around the good old fashioned BBQ.

Here are 20 of my favourite tips for the Aussie Summer BBQ.

These are in no particular order. ( well apart from number 1, and number 2 )

  1. You may have a beer once you start cooking the BBQ, and yes marinating the meat counts.
  2. Always cook more meat that you can possibly eat.
  3. The animal farm at the show is a good place to start placing your orders.
  4. Drinking a beer whilst turning sausages, whilst kids play on a trampoline counts as good parenting.
  5. Size matters with a BBQ,  the more burners is better.
  6. It is better to cook a BBQ the day before a heat wave, cold left overs for the win.
  7. Veg do taste better cooked on the BBQ, learn how to do them properly.
  8. When cooking a vegetarian, ensure you have a good rotisserie, that can take the weight.
  9. Oh… sorry…. cooking for a vegetarian…  Check with them about cooking their food first or not.
  10. But if you are cooking four vegetarians, allow extra time.
  11. Learn to touch test the meat for tenderness with your tongs ( not tongue! )
  12. A good set of BBQ tools is a necessity. ( Note these are good fathers day or Xmas presents )
  13. Always under cook the meat a fraction, so it can go into the oven to stay warm, if you are doing a number of courses.
  14. Wrap a warm bottle of beer in a wet paper towel, 15 min in the freezer and it is good to drink.
  15. Never leave your BBQ unattended, even after it off, it is still warm, use a family member to fetch beers.
  16. Buying a pre-made salad is cheating, but will save a lot of time, which can be spent doing good parenting as above.
  17. Always clean your BBQ before guests arrive, if they see bugs crawling off it, they tend to get unhungry quickly.
  18. Keep a fire blanket on hand, no point in wasting good beer to put a fire out.
  19. Never buy cheap snags, nor cheap beer come to think of it.
  20. When attending a BBQ, check the beer of choice of the BBQ owner.