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Time-lapse test of the Mini 0803 Dashcam – 120km in 3 minutes.

Finally did a long enough trip in the car to put up a new time-lapse video, from my new Mini 0803 Dashcam.

This is the video with no edits, just compressed in time from 1 hour 30 min of driving down to 2 min 16 seconds in Premier.

Here is the route that the trip took as well.

View Larger Map

A 16gb micro SD card holds 2 hours 56 min of looping video, so I will need to upgrade to a couple of bigger cards before I do a decent road trip. But I am rather pleased with the quality of this very little camera.

I am still playing with getting the gps log files out to a useful format, so that is why there is only a Google Map version of the route.

Still if you are looking for a cheap little 1080p Dashcam, the mini0803 is worth a shot.

The Car Computer for the Road TripAnd certainly as a webcam, this is a lot smaller than my old set up 🙂

Although the Asus R2h was also my topo map gps as well as my dashcam.

And I did capture this small 3000km trip across Australia with that set up…