N95 8gb

I have had my n95n 8gb since Feb 08… and seemed to have settled into a few things that I have added that I use… a few things I have got rid of and a few things I still don’t have that I would like.

Currently Installed Software

This is a list of some of the programs I have and why and I have them.

This is the software I used to get all my Kml files from via the phone.  The other handy thing is that it gives you an approximate calorie count as well, so if you are sitting on a plane doing 800Kph you are burning a lot of calories at the time.  Hey would Nokia ever lie to me.  Also the app will give you current, avg speeds, headings location e.t.c.

This appends the geodata into photos directly for things like flickr and picassa. Soon to be obsolete I am sure when it moves to a firmware update to be an autofeature. But until then it stays in this list.

“Symarctic ExtGPS allows you to use your phone’s built-in GPS module externally on laptop via Bluetooth. It is mainly targeted for Nokia N95, E90, 6110 Navigator handsets, allowing you to use existing, more sophisticated GIS applications.”

Does what is says very well indeed. In fact the gps on the phone is better than the first generation GPS that is in my Asus R2h.

I use the for my Gtalk capabilities, but it hooks into most IM Clients.

Why, because I can. More of a show off toy than anything serious. And works for that purpose. Telling people you can torrent files on your phone tends to freak them out.

Location aware twittering… send a twitter and append your current lat long to it… e.g “ Reading the news L:-33.8818,151.2018:” Plus sending pics to Twitpic as well.

Wordpress editing and writing tool. (free but requires Python) Pain in the arse tool if you are a slow texter, but otherwise it is great.

costs $10 for the media version, but lets you take photos, video, music and text and blog them straight to WordPress via the phone.  Either via your telco or if you are like me a cheap arse wifi.


Mobile Divx
Hey if you have a torrent client on your phone, then you are going to need something to watch the video in then aren’t you.

Stris 2
A damn good “free’ as well Tetris clone, an oldie but a goodie.

Plus a good Pacman and a good Space Invaders will never go astray for killing sometime.

Python is a dynamic object-oriented programming language that can be used for many kinds of software development. It offers strong support for integration with other languages and tools, comes with extensive standard libraries.

Live streaming video from your phone.  Great if you are in a wifi hot spot, otherwise damned expensive in Australia.

Y-Browser is a free filemanager application designed for S60 3rd edition Symbian smartphones. Basically you can explore all the drives on your phone, even the hidden ones. Great for moving files around or even finding them 🙂

Google Maps
Always handy to have another set of maps on your device. Google maps are alwys over the air however, so watch for data!

UTM Data
UTM data displays coordinates for the current GPS position in several formats

A self contained gmail application.

Hmm.. wonder what this is 🙂

eGPSTrack .  A Java App that hooks into the internal GPS and writes all the raw GPS data at an interval that is configurable by the user.

Screenshot for Symbian OS. A tool for taking screen dumps of your phone handy for debugging or sending to people to show them how to/how not to do something.

Quick Office. I have the full version which is not only an Office 2007 reader, but an Complete Editing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007 files.

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