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Dumbest comments…

Oh where to start… there have been oh so many dumb comments about the iphone in the last week. Most of which have made me go from various shades of slightly grumpy to totally incredulous.

But I thought I would put two of my favs up now (I may come back and edit this page later :-))


How many HTC Touch versions of ANY websites are there? None
How many cars offer full integration with your Samsung Instinct? None

Oh my god didily dang…

two little observations about these points….

All websites can work with HTC touch if they are coded correctly(that is they are properly compliant to web standards and have a mobile css) and oh yeah the play flash as well!

and the second point… firstly any phone that offers bluetooth can be integrated and oh yes in stereo as well. This person seriously thinks about spending say 1k on an Iphone which is what it will cost at least, and then bases say a 30k car on this. The phone will be obsolete come next year (if not earlier) and the car? I can just see the car for sale adds in the future.

Good car, low km’s (sorry doesn’t support Iphone2.2, ready for quick sale)

People it is a phone, it is obsolete before it lefts the shop, you will drop it loose and scratch it. That happens. Get used to it and stop thinking that it is the best thing since sliced bread. The best thing since sliced bread was spreadable butter, that way your bread did not get mangled. (and whilst bread and butter both have a used by date, they are not obsolete!)

edit– this sums it up the best

Apple Is to Geeks What Breasts Are to Men

contains such great lines as

“It’s like watching a group of teenage boys who have never seen a pair of breasts lining up to get a peek at their first Playboy.”


“At the end of the day, as much as I love breasts, I won’t pay money for them and I certainly won’t wait in line for them.”

go and read it….

This is to cute to ignore.

This video is just to cute to ignore and not share.

Stop: Hammertime

Stop: Hammertime

Originally uploaded by wolfcat_aus

I drove out of my way on the way to work to get this photo 🙂 (ok it was at the end of a street that I drive past, so not that dramatically out of my way) I saw it on Saturday and was still having a giggle about it 2 days later. One of the more clever things I have seen in a long time. (Or perhaps I just need to get out more)

A great use of a Stencil and whilst I am sure it has been done before I don’t think I have seen it done so well.

This is on the Corner of Stanley Street and Orrong Road Elsternwick.

Look at the bigger version to see everything clearly. (but I might stop passed on another occasion and get a better photo)

Oh yeah and try and get the song out of your head now!

5 ways to tell if you are/not worthy of being t-stalked.

Not sure if this is a term… but it is now 🙂 T-Stalked/T-Stalking is the art/act of stalking someone via twitter.

As requested by a follower on Twitter here are 5 ways to tell if you are worthy of being t-stalked.

Please add more via the comments and I will edit this to include the best if people ever actually comment on my blog.

  1. You supply GPS coords on most of your posts (Ok thats me)
  2. You advertised how many followers you have everytime you go up one hundred (you know who you are :-))
  3. You have a really sexy photo as your icon and it is what you look like IRL
  4. You follow everyone else and drive out of your way to say hello even if they live in Moscow
  5. Your username is your pin number and your blog url is your account number.

and of course the not worthy list as well….

  1. You have a sexy photo and don’t look it.
  2. Your user name is I_canz_havz_bad_hygiene
  3. You are know for stalking people in real life
  4. Your name is John Howard and your tag line is… please be my friend
  5. You never enter comments on Wolf’s Blog!

I made the defrag list again :-)

Defrag at the Australian IT

(I put in the number 7 comment)

Chris Dunn and Pam Jensen, who are believed to be among the first couples to meet on the internet, have celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Here are the 10 most appropriate ways for an internet couple to mark the occasion.

10. A bunch of virtual roses, a virtual drink on Facebook and listening to the same online radio station while living half a world away, while pretending to dance with a person that doesn’t exist.

9. 25 years … time for a reboot.

8. Arrange a private party, have the invitations intercepted and broadcast on Facebook then deal with the 500 gate-crashers.

7. Put down the acoustic coupler and get out and meet some other people.

6. They should retire to the bedroom, open their gateways, synchronise their DNSs and create some subdomains.

5. They log on to Second Life and renew their vows.

4. Changing from serial monogamy to broadband.

3. Fire up two old IBM PCjrs, set the modems to 240K, and have a reaaaaaaally slow conversation.

2. He hacks Interflora and fills the house with flowers; she hacks P&O and gives him two cruise tickets.

1. They could meet in real life for the first time.

Dumbest Phone message…(and yes I should have known better!)

Try phoning a Domino’s store out of hours… and this what you get.

Thanks for calling Domino’s Pizza
Unfortunately our store is closed
Please call again and ask our staff for our opening and closing times.

When do I call again???? and how do I get the opening hours with out calling you to get the message… I may spend the rest of the day hitting redial just to get the opening and closing hours….

The reason for the call was to cancel an order which I tried placing on the internet at 11 last night. When the order finally went through I admit I did not see the little AM text instead of the PM text, which left me thinking the pizza would arrive at 11:45pm (ie in 45 min), so when the system had the nice icon saying your pizza is being made, it wasn’t! The store was closed, the ovens were turned off, the staff at home tucked up in bed and the pizza was not going to be made for 12 friking hours.

Seriously that is bad design. You don’t stick a big icon saying your pizza is being made, when it is not.

Do they really think that if someone tried to order a pizza that if it is going to take more than say 1 hour to get to you a warning box would come up saying hey that food you want is not going to be ready till sometime tomorrow!

How hard can that be….


I did manage to get through on the phone to cancel the order, had to wait until 11am before the phone their phone was working.  The poor man at the end of the line had no idea how to cancel the order and give me a refund.  Now what is with that!  Yikes, looks like training is an issue for the 16y/olds as well.

Will let you know if the refund ever comes through, but am not holding out much hope given how bad the experience has been so far.

I sent a complaint via through the feedback form last night.. still nothing… but at least I am now getting their junk mail as of this afternoon.

Greedy Landlords get their comeuppance!

Well well well…. you may all remember the reason that we moved a month ago was the rent was going up to a price that we felt was unreasonable for the property that we lived in. The rent increase for us was to be only $23 per week and we balked at that.

Well it looks like we were not alone. When the property first went on the market it was at $70p/w more than we were paying and after 2 weeks it came down to only $60p/w more than we were paying… now another 2 weeks later is has come down again to $50p/w more than we were paying and still no tenant. Now the house has been empty for a month they are nearly at the point of losing more money for this year than they would have got if they left the rent as it. More so as if it takes another open inspection and say at least a week after that before someone moves in and starts paying rent that is taking the property to being empty to nearly 6 weeks.

So there is hope for those in the rental market that a tiny property that is over valued by a greedy landlord is nothing more than that and if you are looking you can take your time to find something that is what you want.

I’ll let you know if it gets any cheaper.

P.S I tagged this funny cause to me it damned well is as we enjoy the use of the dishwasher and the central heating in our NEW house that is twice the size.

This is so my Twenties…

Daily Dilbert

The only difference now is I am married of course, so I am not allowed to ask for kisses from other people.

Lake Mountain Snow Chase

I don’t think this will give an accurate
Lake Mountain Snow Chase

I finally managed to have a little spare time over the weekend so go to indulge myself in one of my strange little habits… Weather Chasing 🙂

Yes I drove for 300k’s just to see some snow, take some photos and drive back again. Yep, I am that strange. However it the spirit of nerdom I have the following… geotagged photos (link to flickr set), a kml trace (showing the route home only, I have a proper track file from the R2H but haven’t converted the raw nema data yet and given that apart from a bit of the city the rest of the trip is the same anyway what does it matter) and I will in the next day or so try and compress some of the video that I made of the actual drive (Video is up on youtube… keep reading below). The video being a complete capture of the trip at 10fps at 320×240. The only reason they are this small is that the portable hd I use is only 60gig and so I can fit four hours of video like this comfortably. One day I will get around to increasing it to a 320gig version of the WD Passport then I can get higher res capture.

I also managed to send a geotagged twitter (via twibble) on the way home as well (only because Vodafone don’t have coverage at the top of the mountain). So I think the all round trip to the snow was a technological experience.

Oh yeah and I used the R2H with an FM transmitter for all the music along the way as well. So that was my weekend…. 2 gps’s a car and some snow…. all round lots of fun.

Lake Mountain Snow Chase

I like this photo just about the most of all the ones I got today
Lake Mountain Snow Chase

This was taken coming through a bit of the road called the Black Spur.

Both of the following videos are just the bit between Healesville, through the Black Spur, Marysville and upto the top of Lake Mountain. There are a couple of stops to take photos as well. The drive through Melbourne is all a bit boring really!)

Video 1 – Up to the Top of the Mountain.

Video 2 Down the Mountain

too funny….

almost as much as as getting a cat to chase a laser pointer. (and if you have not tried it, it can not be understated just how amusing it is)