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Geotagging and Flickr

As most of you should be aware I am a bit of a geotagging/gps nut (acutally I am just a nut).

with 99% of my photos geotagged on Flickr and a tendency to send out geotweets (is that even a word, guess it is now)  I am always trying to show people how to set up their phones to do it….

Well Kevin Anderson has written a great blog post based around an n82, flickr and geotagging.  And with him being a much more bettera writer than I am…. I figure I will just give you the link to his post and you can read it all over there.  It works for the N95 and N78 roughly the same as well.
Howto: Geo-tagging photos for an easy map mashup


I may have finally found the raw nema writing for the n95-8gb that I have wanted for a long time, but I didn’t read the manual for the software so I have yet to get it working properly (will get back to you on this shortly)

Maps Loader goes 2.0

Awhile back, I posted a link to Nokia Beta Labs about the new Maps Loader as a beta. Well they have just announced that it has graduated.

So head on over and get it.  This makes downloading and controlling maps much easier.  And if you are a casual licence user the ability to buy maps via your pc before you go on that weekend away will be a big improvement.

and here is the direct link to save you naffing around the nokia website.


Betalabs says..

Major fixes in the release version:

  • Vista 64 issue is fixed
  • S40 support added
  • Included pc suite drivers in the installer that should make maploader independent from PC Suite
  • Many, many bug fixes

Sign of the Times

Went out shopping this evening and had to take a photo of this. I think this shows when a device has truly reach consumer level. When so many people have an item that putting up a sign about it is required. It took a few years before skateboarding signs or Rollerblading signs, then mobile phone signs came along. But now after years of playing with various GPS devices I do think they have come of age.

Now there is a sign warning you. Even the fine print on the sign, get rid of the suction cup marks. Perhaps there is a business opportunity there for someone a suction cup that doesn’t leave a mark.

Speed Camera Warnings for N95 users.

Came across an App and the database for getting Speed Camera warnings on your mobile phone.  This is a great idea as I use the GPS on my phone as the my main GPS (yes I am that sad I have more than 1, The Asus R2H has OziExplorer and topo maps for going off road and is not always in the car!, the phone is!)

“This application provides a speed camera warning system for suitable Series 60 3ed phones. It is designed to operate either in conjunction with Nokia Maps, or in the background (e.g. whilst using another application or in standby) and popup to the foreground with an audio visual alert, then return to the background”


(Note it is not currently a Signed app, so that may put some users off)

and the database (covering most of the world inc Australia is here)


I will try and install it on the weekend and give you a working report.

New Maps Loader Nokia Betalabs.

Map Loader 2….  boy those people at nokia beta labs have grabbed that beta labs concept by the horns haven’t they.  Now they have a new way of buy maps… wait for it… you can use your PC.    I was hoping this was going to be the route loader for OVI type thing (guess I will have to keep waiting)

few quick things – firstly you will need to uninstall your old maps loader (i couldn’t get it to work until I did) Secondly.. you no longer need to be in USB mode to transfer maps which is much easier. And it imported my current licences just fine as well.

The only issue I still have is that there is no version numbering on the Maps in the Map Loader.  So I have no idea if I need to download a new map or not!

but here is the blub and the links anyway

With Map Loader 2.0 you can buy navigation and city guides directly from your PC!

Map Loader 2.0 includes a web shop where you can purchase and download navigation, traffic information and city guide licenses directly to your device. There is no need for activation, just download and you are ready to explore your world.

The new “Services” tab will let you browse through Drive*, Drive&Walk*, Traffic* and City Guides before deciding what to buy. In addition, the clear and easy to understand graphical representation will show what region is covered by the license. You will see exactly what you buy before buying.

Selecting “Guides” will let you browse through City Guides and Multimedia Guides from all over the world. Selecting one will show you information on the contents and you can download them directly to your device. It has never been so easy to find the right guide for your destination!

New connection mode

Map Loader 2.0 now supports PC Suite connections. This means that you can connect several devices over USB or Bluetooth connection. Mass storage mode is also supported for older Nokia Maps versions and memory cards. In mass storage mode the new “Services” tab will not be available and Map Loader 2.0 will behave like Map Loader 1.x. On startup, a popup will show connected devices and will let you choose the drive/device to use. Make sure you have the latest PC Suite installed (http://www.nokia.com/pcsuite).


After selecting a navigation license or downloading a guide you will be transferred to the payment page. Enter you credit card data; confirm payment and the license will be downloaded to your device. Your credit card data is sent over a secure https connection. You will also receive an email receipt.

Purchased licenses

In the bottom of the “Services” screen, there is a list of your previously purchased licenses and their expiration date. This will help you to see when it is time to renew you licenses.


Download Map Loader 2.0 and let us know what you think! Make sure to uninstall any older version of maploader before installing Map Loader 2.0. Note that this is still a beta, so there are some limitations:

  • Not tested on S40, so please don’t use it :)
  • In “Drive & Walk” the navigation region “Russia & Ukraine” is only navigable in Russia.
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting a device while Map Loader 2.0 is running can sometimes lead to unexpected results.
  • Make sure your phone time is correct before buying any licenses.

* shop content depending on Nokia Maps version

Iphone – Don't Believe the Hype.

For me the Iphone comes down to this point. Don’t believe the Hype.

Take this from PC World

“Think of mounting your iPhone on the dashboard, and using the iPhone’s GPS/Google Maps functionality to get to the mall, and then using some sort of iPhone……

An iPhone/GPS device looks to be yet another disruptive technology pairing by Steve Jobs and Apple’s talented engineers. It will be interesting to see how the device lives up to the promise, and how competitors scramble to answer the latest Apple broadside.”

What a load of crock… the N95 has had a gps for years now.. I know I use mine all the time. I send Twitter messages with embeded coords all the time. I geotag all my photos and put the non personal ones up on Flickr. Wow the Iphone is so new and cool. There are a number of mash ups around the trap for doing GPS stuff with your phone. BIG F”ING DEAL APPLE.

I think most journalists are being very lazy today. Oh lets read the Apple press release and call that news. It is not news.

And my being lazy today is to only put this one example in.

(Ok.. the other one is that everyone is talking about the 10 hours talk time, sure it is 10 hours, but only on 2g not 3g, that is 5 hours – details here http://www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html)

Sure the Iphone is a sexy device I will agree with that. But, and it is a big but, there are better devices out there. Touch is not the be all and end all and even then there are touch devices out there by people other than Apple. The reason that touch is not the be all and end all… Phones are 1 handed. You use one hand to make a call (ie speed dialing, texting e.t.c) so you can still pick your nose or drink your coffee.

Look at some of the issues with the Iphone. Fixed battery. Power users are going to find this a problem.Image the case you use your phone for a few months and the battery goes flaky (it does and will happen). Now in the real world you go out buy a new battery plug it and you are away. Time taken 5 minutes. In the mac world here is the case. Take you phone to mac shop if you are lucky get a “loner” phone. Wait a week or so, then get your old phone back. See this works with an Ipod you can do with out music. Can you do with out your phone for a week!

2Mg Camera, seriously that is not good these days as most entry level phones carry this size. Non upgradable user memory, most phones these days take mmc or similar cards to have more memory or apps stored on them (yes my n958gb does not upgrade and it annoys me). Also there is no front facing video camera so video calling is out… you might be able to do it in theory, but in practice it won’t work. (and I have already spoken to a few people that do use video calling and they were shocked at this).

Let the flame wars begin.

It's not Photosynth… its flash and google….

Whilst not quite as cool as Photosynth this technology leverage’s of a lot of existing content and gets google up and running in the “Dynamic Interrelated images” space very nicely.

Quick thoughts are this is going to take off, and MS are going to pull their fingers out and get Photosynth out much quicker…. all they need to do is get the Flickr image base and they win. The Panoramio image base is nothing compared to say Flickr which would allow you to move “indoors” from a series of photos, where as the Panoramio images are only external and highly moderated. (not sure if this is a plus or minus)

The simplicity of this interface may also be part of it success and less savy users may find it easer to navigate. – anyway on with the show…


Sydney Opera house example – http://www.panoramio.com/photo/288737

example and how it is done…

and the main article – google-lat-long

“Panoramio enables photographers to geo-locate, store and organize their photographs and to view those images in their geographic context. You may already have seen photos from the Panoramio layer while zooming around in Google Earth or Google Maps (just click the “more” button), but have you visited the Panoramio website? Now, when browsing photos on the site you can explore multiple images of a particular location in a more seamless way.

For select photos on www.panoramio.com, you’ll find a new link below the photo:

When you click it, a pop-up will appear that looks like this:

When you mouse over an image, you’ll see polygonal frames appear. Each of these frames represents a photo of the same location taken from a different angle or perspective. Just click on the frame to view that photo, and continue exploring. You can also click the thumbnails on the right-hand panel.

Follow the “Look around” link from this photo of Notre Dame in Paris or St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow to see them from all different angles. Take a look at these beautiful photos of the Astrological Clock in Prague.”

More N95 KML goodies…

New update to my Sport Tracker account… this is the KML of the flight from Adelaide to Melbourne.

I had the phone in flightmode and “forgot” to turn it off.. and so have the gps trace for the plane taking off and then most of the way home until it lost the signal somewhere over Victoria. If this page is blank you may need to refresh it to see this Flash app. Or you can just download the KML of the flight from the KML’S page… (look up it is in the Nav section of the site..)

Now the interesting thing here is the Sports Tracker account seems to have a slightly different path to Google Earth. If I look at the downloaded KML address I can see the approx track of the aircraft as I could see looking out the window… but that is not what Sports Tracker shows me. All very strange, seeing as the KML that I uploaded consisted of me choosing export from Sports Tracker and renaming the file once it was in Google Earth, the Sports Tracker version was simply upload to service. I will have to keep an eye on this discrepancy.

The problem with a gps…

On the way home last night my wife was driving so I got to play with the gps a little more and found one of those little quirks. Now I am sure that the maps are full of quirks, but if I find one not 500 metres from my house one does have to question just how many their actually are.

The following google links show two routes… the first is what google maps told me was the route, and the second is what Nokia Maps told me was the route.

Google Maps Route

Nokia Maps Route

Now, I know the area (I live here so I should :-)) but the Nokia Maps is convinced that I can not drive across North Road at the intersection with Murrembeena Road. That would be fine if it was a small intersection but it is not. It is really quite large. When the new maps beta came out the first thing I checked was another turning bay just up the road. See that has been added, but in the processes they killed a very large intersection. And they make you do a right hand turn across what in peak hour is one of the main feeder roads into and out of the city, instead of at the lights!

Now I don’t for a minute think that Nokia is alone is doing stuff like this, I am sure all the maps and mapping companies are just as bad as each other.

Perhaps one day (all the privacy issues aside) Nokia Maps will upload any route that you take that deviates from the route that the software suggests, then look for patterns in this and create new routes out of the real world travel (perhaps even real time?). Then I might be able to turn right at the intersection and not drive around the block as anyone coming to visit me who didn’t know the way would go.


The Maps are done making the new Static Maps API… this I am in love with.

Maps 2.0 – Thoughts

Well hats of to nokia (and those that know me will know I never take of my hat :-)) the new Maps 2.0 is much improved.

Firstly any of the issues that I have had with the beta seem to have all gone away.  So someone must have been listening.  Secondly a lot of the map issues have been updated.  Even with Maps 1.0 there were a few strange things such as railway lines that just stopped and started again and they are all working as they should.

However… why oh why for Melbourne do they not show tram tracks.  Come on people, anyone who drives in Melbourne will really want to avoid roads with tram tracks.  But you can’t.  I have lived here for 5 years now and still get caught out on some roads.  Navigation needs to avoid things like this.

Also river crossings for the Yarra.  There are a few pedestrian only crossings.  Why doesn’t the ‘Walk mode’ have them.  You have to walk a long way to cross the river unless you knew the area.  So tourists are going to have issues.

But overall it is stable, it works and I am happy 🙂