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Quick Drive Video up the Old Corrong Road

The Video

The Route
41.3 km – about 1 hour 39 mins

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Great Ocean Road in 2 Min 25 – HD Version

Finally got to do a HD Video of the Great Ocean Road….

Note to self: Never do the Great Ocean Road on the weekend or in Summer, people are idiots and drive slowly and never use turn outbays ever.

(this is HD Video… best watched full screen, or just choose the 480 version from the video controls )

The Route:

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The Drive Adelaide to Melbourne in 7 Min

First video from #wtrip10…. the one day drive from Adelaide to Melbourne.

Video from a Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000, attached to an Asus R2H and a Seagate 880 USB HD. Video captured at 5fps 720p quality. Then speed up in Windows Live Movie Maker Beta.

(this is HD Video… best watched full screen, or just choose the 480 version from the video controls )

The Route

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Yeah mini road trip time….

Just to Adelaide and back… but I’m going to take 3 days to get there… one day home… Might even drop in and see the Pandas whilst I’m over.

looking around mid July for this… Why 3 days.. cause I can stop and take photos along the way… and by photos I mean a lot of them. Winter along the coast is always a great time of year to see this neck of the woods and both the car and I could do with a bit of a head clearing as well.

Day 1 – Melbourne to Warrnambool ( 360 KM )

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Day 2 – Warrnambool to Kingston SE ( 386 KM )

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Day 3 – Kingston SE to Adelaide ( 295 KM )

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Adelaide to Home 727 km
Total Trip 1,774 km

plus gives me chance to reshoot this video as welll

Video Comparrison for #telstradesire

Kind of sad when you think… I’ll just go up the road on my holiday to make a video to test out my HTC Desire for its video making abilities to realise that you had on you 4 different devices capable of making HD (or near HD) video…   I was annoyed I forgot to take my wife’s phone so then I could have made 5 videos :-)…. ah well… 4 will just have to do.

All of these sample Videos are on default settings for recording only, where I walked part way up the Elizabeth St Mall in Hobart repeating the same walk 4 times (yes I did get some looks :-))

Devices used were a Nikon D90, a HTC-Desire, a Nokia n95-8gb and a  JVC GC-FM1 PICSIO

Output formats and files Sizes

Device Native Format File Size Frame Size FPS Audio
Nikon D90 avi 112mb 1280×720 24FPS 176kbps-mono-11kHz
HTC-Desire 3pg 7.46mb 640×480 26FPS 12kbps
Nokia n95-8gb mp4 15mb 640×480 27FPS 96kbps-mono-48kHz
JVC GC-FM1 PICSIO mov 57.8mb 1440×1080 29FPS 130kbps-Stereo-48kHz

D90 Video

HTC Desire Video


Nokia N95-8gb Video

Now one thing I did try was to upload these videos via the YouTube app on my phone as a way of testing upload speeds… guess what… you are not allowed.  The YouTube App says no you have to upload large files via wifi only.  I really can’t begin to describe how wrong that is.  What if you don’t have wifi, what if you are on the road in the middle of no-where taking photos and have 3g coverage (like this shot).  I’ve had Telstra 3g coverage in some amazing areas.. but certainly no wifi… so how do I upload video?

What happens when someone sees something amazing or even breaking news and wants to upload it… well they can’t.  If this is going to be a true social device that has to change and change fast.

Open Letter to NineMSN

(update after the comment below and a discussion with @prawn_gravies NineMSN have now updated the story to include a link to the original content.  Good to see they are listening…    )

Here is how the internet works…

Someone creates funny and unique content, it may be a mashup of your content for example.  They will upload it to say Youtube…

Then what happens is that people link to it.

They do not do the following..

Pull the video from Youtube, wrap it in their own branded player… then write a story about how said video went “VIRAL” and then not put a link to the original content, nor mention the creator of the original content.

I am looking at you Henri Paget in particular as your name is on the by-line!

Of course if you like we can just pull your content and claim it as our own if you like?

The NineMSN version of the story…. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/1039487/vicious-dog-man-basks-in-barking-glory

And the source video… by djhippster

so ninemsn… google attribution and see what it means…

here I have done it for you..

Definitions of attribution on the Web:

“In journalism, a source is a person, publication, or other record or document that gives information”

3000K of Australia in under 7min

This is the main part of my trip compressed down to just over 7 min of video.

Of course like all tech there were some issues, namely the HD died on the way to Canberra taking with it the video from Newcastle to Canberra and also meaning I could not get the Canberra to Melbourne video as well.

However this still covers over 3000k of Australia from Melbourne to outback NSW to West Queensland then down the Pacific Highway to Newcastle.

I recorded each days video or approx 500k of compressed video then ran all those subvideos to make this master file.

Enjoy the changing landscape of this amazing country.

The video was all recorded at 10FPS onto my WD 320 HD as avi’s from a logtech 3000 webcam recording into virtualdub. At the end of each day the video was compressed using Windows Movie Maker on a Hp Mini Note running Vista, then all the subvideos were compressed again, using the good old speed up double till the movie was below the 10min mark. Nothing more complicated than that.

Yes I am in the video at approx 2:45 when I got out to photograph a lizard on the road.

The Approx Route:

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This image was taken at 4min 22 in the video.
Driving into Rain (B&W Version)

(The Car Computer… set up)
The Car Computer for the Road Trip

#wtrip09 Quick Facts and Figures

Been home a week now and busy sorting out KML/GPX Files, dealing with photos and putting all the camping gear away.

So here are some of the facts and figures from the trip 🙂

Red Earth, Blue Sky Country

  • Minimum distance planned for the trip: 4,203 km
  • Total distance (that is door to door): 5025KM
  • Total Cost of Petrol: $623.24
  • Total Litres: 491.17
  • KM/Per Litre: 10.23
  • Most Expensive: 138.9 BP Cunummulla
  • Tweets where I wrote in the Lat/Long: 48
  • Early MorningPhotos: 5000+ (including family Xmas day ones)
  • Percentage of Photos Geotagged to within 20Meters: 95
  • Hardware Failures: 1 320 WD HD Drive… Rooted when we stopped in Canberra (MBR error)
  • Roadkill: 1 Bird (countless insects)
  • Near Miss: 1 Emu (missed by 30 cm or so)
    Driving into Rain (B&W Version)
  • Total Distance of Video for the trip: Approx 3300km (will try and rescue another 500km of video yet)
  • Total Distance Recorded as GPX files: 5000km (only one Nokia GPS fail on a small side trip)
  • Number of Twitter followers meet IRL for the first time (Not including a dog): 4
  • Number of Bolt of lighting seen: 4 (number missed because storms hit the day after I left 30K+!)
  • Number of States/Territories Driven in: 4
  • Damage to the Car: 1 Stone Chip to windscreen (Location Dual Carriage way just outside Taree of all places!), 1 blown rear power outlet.
  • Most Easterly Point: -28.636305°, 153.637817° (Cape Byron Light House)
  • Most Northerly Point: -26.397385°, 147.176207°
  • Highest Point: 850M -35.275425°, 149.097745° (Black Mountain Telstra Tower)
  • Lowest Point: 0 Meters (Surfers Paradise + Norah Head and other beaches)
  • Longest Distance Between traffic lights (not inc side trips): 1800km (from -35.836815°, 144.907532° which were roadworks in NSW to Dalby in QLD)

Storm Over the Field

I will put together the driving videos and the KML files when I have finished cleaning them up.  Most of the KML files are a lot larger than they need to be as I would leave the N95 running whilst I stopped to take photos and wandered around.

The rest of images I uploaded to Flickr are in my #Wtrip09 Set

Model Trains D90 Video

Another little video from the D90, this time 40secs of the model trains at Australian Model Railways Association (Vic Branch) show. You will see the banding in this shot as well, this is one of the big problems with the D90 and video called rolling shutter.

(Updated Post: with 2min video – this is the same display as the photo below)

Longer Video

Short Video (41 Seconds)

And my fav shot from the day…  a real miniature… not a tiltshift 🙂

Taken at the 39th Australian Model Railway Association Vic Branch Display. Model Railway exhibition
Aust-n-Rail "Thomspon River Canyon" Display
This was shot using my 55-200mm VR Kit lens that I got when I purchased the D90.

Up in the Rockies

yes the D90 does video… i've just never used it…

Well until the other day that is…  See I brought the camera to do still photography… that is what I wanted and that is why I brought the D90… not for the video function.

Now lots of people have written about the Video function and its benefits and draw backs and seeing as I have used this feature all of 3 times in the last 6 months I will leave them to talk about it.

But here you are…  33 Seconds of 720P Video from Puffing Billy shot on a Nikon D90 with a Tokina 11-16mm lens.

click here to watch in HD stand alone

The following video is in HD.