everyone is doing iPad posts…

Everyone is doing it…  of course they are…  but really how many of the posts are nothing more than link bait…  if I put iPad into a post it will get more visits…  Just how many words are being spent on the iPad, when say there are actually important things happening in the world.  I think more has been written about the iPad in Australia than the govts change of heart on the ETS.

So here are two posts in one…

A pro iPad and then an antiIpad post….


Magical device blah blah.
Revolutionary device blah blah blah
This changes the face of publishing blah blah
Taking the world by storm blah blah.
OMG how did we live with out this blah blah blah
Steve has shown the way of the future blah blah blah.
Flash is just for advertising blah blah blah
I waited 7 days in a blizzard for it blah blah blah
So many great apps blah blah blah
So much better than the iPhone blah blah blah
It replaces 500 devices in my house blah blah blah
Everyone should release an iPad version of their blah blah blah


Flash is an important part of the web blah blah blah
Close ecosystem blah blah blah
4×3 video is a waste of blah blah blah
No camera no blah blah blah
Queuing for a computer is just stupid blah blah
Oh you can change Job’s liver but not the battery blah blah blah
No Mulitasking blah blah blah
iTunes is just screwing developers blah blah blah
It is just a big iPhone that can’t make calls blah blah blah
Just more e-waste that does nothing my blah cant do blah blah blah
Why do we have to recode blah blah blah for the iPad


Under the post you may or may not find lots of pro and anti Apple flame wars…  although I doubt it 🙂

I think I’ll leave the conclusion to iPad Lorem Ipsum…. it seems only fitting, and possibly better research than a lot of content out there.

Nunc iPad lectus a urna commodo iPad. Apple feugiat ipad consectetur diam revolution scelerisque. Suspendisse iPad dui a Apple dictum Steve Jobs. Vivamus quis iPad magic sapien placerat blandit vitae in iPad. Apple erat magical, pulvinar nec elementum sed, facilisis sit amet est. Praesent ipad, tincidunt semper publishing industry, ornare vel turpis. Fusce lots of apps pharetra. Aenean tincidunt dapibus iPad, eu aliquam sem Apple non.

4 Responses to “everyone is doing iPad posts…”

  1. So sick of hearing pros and cons of iPad and I’m not cranky because I don’t have one, either. Okay, yes I am. It’s in the mail.

    My iPad will not replace either my MBP or my iPhone. It will occupy a niche in between. It’s likely that all 3 will be on the couch each evening – I’ll just get a longer turn.

  2. Ipad, Microsoft, Hate, Flame, flame, flame, Moron, Hate, Flame Flame, Cussword, Flame… Fag !!!!!!!!

  3. Yes, all the hoo ha gets annoying and boring. It’s self perpetuating hype; almost as if you’re expected to have an opinion & it’s some life altering (but-let-me-not-communicate-so-much-because-I-gotta-stay-laid-back-like-the-product) choice. It’s like to vaccinate, or not to vaccinate. Make the choice and justify it, if you choose to be left behind, have a reason. Of course. When the 3 second boot happens, we’ll be getting somewhere.

  4. I am an Apple user and am actually over the vast amount of coverage with the ipad at the minute. Pro and con articles are rehashed by the papers everyday under a different headline. The news is always the same. Regardless of whether you like the product or not there are bigger issues in the world right now than an A4 (almost) piece of aluminium and glass device.

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