So you're not going to vote Labor because of #nocleanfeed…

I’ve seen lots of people talk about Net Censorship and how it is the only thing that people are going to use to define who they vote for in the election.

Firstly, anyone that votes only on one policy is nuts… there are a lot of things that makes Australia what it is… voting on one tiny aspect of a whole of government approach is just weird IMHO.

Now I am on the record as saying that I think the whole Net Filter is a big joke… (a bad one), but a joke. It won’t do one thing to stop what the government claims it is for. How often do you see when places are raided, collections of DVD burners. These DVD’s are distributed by hand or by post, not by the internet. But I digress…

From IT News

Ludlam, who has long opposed mandatory filtering, said the Liberals were likely to support Labor’s filtering proposal under Tony Abbott’s leadership.

“I think the Liberals are ducking and weaving; I think internally, they’re split … but the fact is, the party is led by Tony Abbott who is deeply conservative,” he said.

Never have truer words been said.  If you don’t think that a government lead by someone on the record by such a Conservative as Tony Abbott would not leap at an opportunity such as this (even if only partially technically feasible) you are in the words from The Castle ‘Dreaming Mate’.

3 Responses to “So you're not going to vote Labor because of #nocleanfeed…”

  1. This is one of the reasons we need a Green ballance of power in the senate. A Liberal government would be a travesty. We have not finished fixing the damage they did under Howard and Abbott would be word=se than Howard.
    However the Labor we have now are not as good as they should be. They need a left minor party keeping them moving in the right direction and the Greens are the only party we have which are in a position to have the power to do that.
    As for the cleanfeed, the Greens policy is for an open internet and to ‘ensure that regulation of the internet is transparent, accountable and protects freedom of speech, expression and access to information.’
    Please folks, give your first preference to the Greens, but also put Labor before Liberal and put Family First last.

  2. So civil rights is not a good enough reason to not vote for a certain party?

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