Think before you tweet… a 1 hour old murder case is NOT Funny! #LygonShooting

At 5pm on the 13th of August 2010, 2 people are slain in Lygon Street.

From ABC News ( 7:30pm)

“The shooting happened in Lygon Street, Carlton, and police received a call about 5:00pm (AEST) that shots had been fired.
One witness said shots were fired at or outside the Players on Lygon bar.
Police have confirmed two people are dead.
The victims are believed to be in their 60s or 70s.
One man, reported to be in his 50s, has been taken into custody.
“Details are very, very sketchy,” a police spokeswoman said.”

Yet despite this… the @DocklandsMelb think it is o.k to capitalise on this for their own gain. Now I have seen a few jokes around already, mostly referring to Underworld XXV or Richard Wilkins and Jeff Goldblum.  These jokes while yes in bad taste are quite removed from the situation and what for at least three families will be a day that they will never forget.

“Come to Docklands for dinner tonight. We promise this wont happen #LygonShooting about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck”

There are jokes and there is just stupidity.  Twitter lets you just blurt shit out.  People do ( even I do ), but if you are reflecting a company…  pause, take a breath and think about everything you say.  Even when the tweet is deleted and the apology is sent, the damage has been done. To say this is in bad taste does it no justice, it is wrong on some many levels and reflects badly on the company.  Remember in the real time world, you can’t afford to be stupid.

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( Update: Don’t send a tweet and then not look at your account over the weekend as well….   Monday morning and Docklands sent 1 tweet over the weekend and nothing in the form of an apology for shear tastelessness )

3 Responses to “Think before you tweet… a 1 hour old murder case is NOT Funny! #LygonShooting”

  1. I totally disagree with you. Didn’t find their comment in bad taste at all Have you complained about EVERYONE who made a comment on the shooting?? What about the actual jokes cracked throughout the media? If so you would be spending hell of a lot of time complaining about it. Get over it.

  2. Hey wolfcat I agree with you. A personal comment from a personal has no reflection on your business or brand but if an individual chooses to post such a tasteless comment on an official account it has widespread ramifications for that organisation. It could of, or maybe did, backfire on the reputation of their busines and who will they blame then?

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