I like the old twitter better than your new twitter…

Ok… now that I have murdered song lyrics for a title, I think I have set the tone I was after.

I don’t like the “New” Twitter layout. And the constant reminders that it is going to go… ” our using an older version of Twitter that won’t be around for much longer” fill me with what is in reality a #firstworldproblem kind of dread.

I run a lot of accounts off and on, and yes I am more than familiar with a number of apps and different solutions. I use Seemic on my phone, have used dabr on my old phone, tweetdeck on my computers and even twirl. But I like the simplicity of “Old Twitter”.

With 40k+ tweets, and having been on Twitter since May 2007, I think a: I crap on a lot and b: I am a regular user of the platform. And whilst I see all the benefits of the apps, I like the simplicity that the web interface gives me. Also it means that I am in my primary app for content creation and can just move between windows to share content.

I like the clean nature of the website and that it does just sit into the background, apps demand to much attention and show the flow of information almost to well.  I know every tweet and every link doesn’t need to be read, certainly, not in the same window. If I want the content, I am happy to let it load in another window for example, or just bookmark it for later reading. I like seeing when I have new Direct Messages, not have them hidden in a tool bar.

I like the stability of the old twitter as well. All the bells and whistles just create problems. I move between new and old computers all the time and find that new twitter eats content, breaks media and causes more frustration, ironically leading to me missing more content.

I can see why people do like the new twitter, but I am not one of them.

Given that my original tweet “dear twitter stop threatening to get rid of old twitter or I will write an angry blog post that 5 people might read.” made it to the home page of twitter, was rt by hundreds of people and has got me lots of comments about it, I don’t think I am alone in my thinking.

So I implore you kind folks at twitter, who give me a service that I have not paid 1cent to use, let me have old twitter as an option.



P.S can you please fix my direct messages count, and whilst you are at it… get rid of the people squatting on twitter handles for more than 12 months.

P.P.S I still like you Twitter, and I still want to be friends with your website.

5 Responses to “I like the old twitter better than your new twitter…”

  1. I like old twitter too.

    I have tweetdeck so don’t read my incoming tweets from the page, it’s merely a home base where possible new followers can see what I’m about and consider whether or not they want to follow me.

    The block feature needs fixing though, most of the time my browser says an error has happened.

  2. Dude use mobile twitter page

  3. YES!! what he said!

  4. I’m so glad you wrote this post. I totally agree with you.

    I’ve tried a few times to work with the new and supposedly new twitter but I absolutely despise it. I much prefer the “old” twitter over the new one. It is a much cleaner and less cluttered look and as you point out, many features that are so clearly and easily found on the old version are rather hard to find/use on the new twitter.

    The improvements that Twitter has made almost remind me of the New Coke vs the Original Coke story… I don’t think that twitter conducted enough research prior to making these changes to see if indeed having the entire page taken up is something customers want, to see if customers are interested in having valuable eyeball space taken up by number of followers and who just became a follower etc.

    Thanks for writing this post. I hope that it gets passed around and viewed by the powers that be at Twitter!

  5. Old Twitter is MUCH more user-friendly than the new. Why Twitter wants to change a good thing is beyond me.

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