Holy crap the #wolfcatcubs are growing

They say¬† a picture is worth a thousand words…

Well this one is what feels like a thousand nappies.

The first shot is from the day we brought the Wolfcat Cubs home…

#wolfcatcubs - 10days old vs 13 weeks old

The second is from Sunday 2 Oct 2011.

As Mrs Wolfcat and I were just saying the other day it doesn’t feel like three months… it feels so so so so much longer.

Before we know it they will be out getting high paid jobs looking after their ageing parents ( well that is the plan ).

The other thing is, that given their current growth rate of at least 250grams per week, I estimate they will be 100kg by the time the are 8 years old. Or even more scary, is they have doubled in the last 3 months, which could mean they will be 10kg by 6 months and 20kg at 9 months and 40kg by their first birthday. ( Note: Maths is not my strong point, nor is a detailed understanding of human growth curves )

Wake up dad....

3 Responses to “Holy crap the #wolfcatcubs are growing”

  1. Just about big enough now for the salt mines.

  2. Forget the salt mines. Much more money in work in an iron ore mine, but they won’t be truck drivers as the can not reach the peddles yet.

  3. what a huge change…and how wonderful…it does get easier….love to u all

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