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Nokia Maps Beta Update

(Update 1 – Do not install the new maps via Map Downloader! – The Melbourne/ Australian maps are really really screwy, and make the product almost unusable!, all the water is missing and at various zoom levels the maps are just plain wrong)

Will work out a report for this over the weekend…

(No official change log, but comments at Allaboutsymbian have some details already)

And it looks like some maps have been updated.. will have to see if I can do a right hand turn into my street yet or not!)


Commentsat the Beta Blog here at Nokia

Nokia Maps is taking maps and navigation experiences to the next level and introducing Walk – pedestrian navigation, in addition to Drive – world class car navigation, multimedia city guides, satellite maps and other innovative features. With free maps of more than 150 countries, over 15 million points-of-interest, the world is in your pocket. Don’t get lost or choose to get lost in the right places to explore, and let Nokia Maps show you the way.

Nokia Maps 2.0 Beta comes with compatible Nokia Map Loader, also available for download from this site. With Nokia Map Loader you can get the newest map data, which is required by some Nokia Maps 2.0 features such as Walk navigation.

Maps 2.0 is still in Beta and therefore not supported by Nokia customer care.

This is Food?

This is Food?

Originally uploaded by wolfcat_aus

Why does all foodhall food taste so bad. Can’t people actually do fast food that is even closely similar to food. This thing for example was meant to be a vegetable pattie of some description but do you think that I could acutally finish it. Not even close, this was the point at which I gave up and wasted all of this food.

Here I am 4 hours later and I am still not hungry, just looking at this photo is scaring me again. Of course it was meant to be a quick snack, the kitchen at the new house is not quite all together and I had to pick up a copy of I Am Legend on dvd as well as a new ADSL line filter (more on that tomorrow!) So a quick snack at the food hall was meant to get me through the evening.

Not going to happen. I guess it is also a sign of growing older. I actually want to cook a meal that is healthy and tasty and I am over takeaway. Who would have thought this possible 10 years ago. So yes mum, you were right. (Again)

Madelbrot Sets on S60….

Thanks to the folks over at Symbian-Freak for this little gem.

A Madelbrot set generator the runs under Python on you S60 device. I remember when I used to run a BBS all the way back in the dark days of the early 90’s having these running when ever I had a party at my place. People would drink and smoke way to much and spend hours just watching the screen go back and forward.

But now I can do it on the road. (Perhaps I won’t try it whilst driving however)


The Mandelbrot set is a set of points in the complex plane, the boundary of which forms a fractal. Mathematically, the Mandelbrot set can be defined as the set of complex c-values for which the orbit of 0 under iteration of the complex quadratic polynomial xn+1=xn2 + c remains bounded.[1]