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Oh No…. I am out of time…

Oh No…. I am out of time…
:-)…. sorry couldn’t help myself.

perhaps this is the reason 🙂  To much oregano.

oh wait here is the reason I have no time

Even more Kml's

I have found some backup files and output the KML’s for them. (I use this link to create them from raw NEMA log files http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/map?form=googleearth a great site for automatically converting all sorts of files to kml with a lot of options along the way.)

This includes a trip all around Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne, and the big Xmas trip from last year which was the drive from Melbourne to Newcastle and home via Parkes.

Enjoy. (Click on the KML link above and like before the newest are at the top of the list.)