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Can I have one please!

Jet-man: Human powered flight

Ok… I know what I want for my birthday this year. (ignore the lame music!)

Google Maps and Flash API


“Rarely does a week go by that I don’t hear from someone who wants to add Google Maps to their Flash application. Well, we’ve been listening and working to provide the solution. Say hello to the new Google Maps API for Flash. ”

more info on the how to here


a good example of what you can do here


and more examples here


this is some really neat stuff, and the maps and dynamic timeline examples driven out of a smooth flash interface are really clever.

Ovi vs Flickr vs Picasa

The same image in 3 places… the Ovi and Flickr are done straight from the phone… the Picasa wasn’t 🙂

The excerise is more to show what the acutal pages looks like for the photo when the user drills in.

(update.. this is straight to this blog via wavelog on my phone… so the image is hosted here, so that adds a 4th location.)

Self Hosted


15/05/2008 - Share on Ovi


Another day at the office


too funny….

almost as much as as getting a cat to chase a laser pointer. (and if you have not tried it, it can not be understated just how amusing it is)