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5 ways to tell if you are/not worthy of being t-stalked.

Not sure if this is a term… but it is now 🙂 T-Stalked/T-Stalking is the art/act of stalking someone via twitter.

As requested by a follower on Twitter here are 5 ways to tell if you are worthy of being t-stalked.

Please add more via the comments and I will edit this to include the best if people ever actually comment on my blog.

  1. You supply GPS coords on most of your posts (Ok thats me)
  2. You advertised how many followers you have everytime you go up one hundred (you know who you are :-))
  3. You have a really sexy photo as your icon and it is what you look like IRL
  4. You follow everyone else and drive out of your way to say hello even if they live in Moscow
  5. Your username is your pin number and your blog url is your account number.

and of course the not worthy list as well….

  1. You have a sexy photo and don’t look it.
  2. Your user name is I_canz_havz_bad_hygiene
  3. You are know for stalking people in real life
  4. Your name is John Howard and your tag line is… please be my friend
  5. You never enter comments on Wolf’s Blog!

I made the defrag list again :-)

Defrag at the Australian IT

(I put in the number 7 comment)

Chris Dunn and Pam Jensen, who are believed to be among the first couples to meet on the internet, have celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Here are the 10 most appropriate ways for an internet couple to mark the occasion.

10. A bunch of virtual roses, a virtual drink on Facebook and listening to the same online radio station while living half a world away, while pretending to dance with a person that doesn’t exist.

9. 25 years … time for a reboot.

8. Arrange a private party, have the invitations intercepted and broadcast on Facebook then deal with the 500 gate-crashers.

7. Put down the acoustic coupler and get out and meet some other people.

6. They should retire to the bedroom, open their gateways, synchronise their DNSs and create some subdomains.

5. They log on to Second Life and renew their vows.

4. Changing from serial monogamy to broadband.

3. Fire up two old IBM PCjrs, set the modems to 240K, and have a reaaaaaaally slow conversation.

2. He hacks Interflora and fills the house with flowers; she hacks P&O and gives him two cruise tickets.

1. They could meet in real life for the first time.

Landing in Adelaide Airport.

Video taken on our little Pentax Camera (as I can not use my phone even in flight mode when landing. What the difference is between a video camera and a phone in flight mode I have no idea… yes I know that people will just leave their phones on e.t.c and the rule therefore is no one can use a phone full stop. ) to take video..

And here is the video compressed down to 1 minute… makes the landing a lot more interesting…

But here is the normal speed version of the plane landing at Adelaide Airport.

Second Life on your mobile….

The Vollee beta now gives you the opportunity to access Second Life whenever & wherever you want to.


haven’t had a play yet, but it is an open beta which is out for the following phones…

HTC AT&T Tilt TyTN II (8925),LG CU500,LG CU515,LG Shine (CU720),LG LX550 (Fusic),LG LX570 (Muziq),Motorola ic902,Motorola KRZR K1m,Motorola K3,Motorola RAZR V3m,Motorola V3xx,Motorola V6,Motorola AT&T RAZR2 V9,Motorola Sprint RAZR2,Nokia 6120 classic,Nokia 6233,Nokia 6280,Nokia 6288,Nokia 6500 slide,Nokia 6555,Nokia E65,Nokia N73,Nokia N75,Nokia N95,Nokia N95 8GB,Pantech Duo (C810),Samsung A827 (Access),Samsung M610,Samsung MM-A920,Samsung SGH-zx10,Samsung SGH-zx20,Samsung SPH-A900,Samsung SPH-A900M,Samsung SPH-M500,Samsung SPH-M510,Samsung SPH-M520,Sanyo Katana DLX (SCP-8500),Sanyo M1,Sanyo PRO-200,Sanyo PRO-700,Sony-Ericsson K850i,Sony-Ericsson Z750a.

Perhaps I should go and finished actually making my avatar in second life, then I can have a play then.  Oh wait thats right I gave up on SL and my FL was taking up to much time….