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New Snow Chase…

Well I spent all day yesterday out on another snow chase.

Firstly I approached the bank to get a load to pay for the fuel, lucky for me I wasn’t going alone and was taking a 4y/o with me as she had never been to the snow before having lived in Darwin for the last few years. (On an amusing side note, she has for reasons that escape both me and her father started to refer to me as Captain Wolf. I can live with that, I have been called worse!)

But to keep things on a technical nature so that I can justify putting details onto the blog I have a few new goodies… They are a KML of a Toboggan Run (which has the distance at 600metres and the max speed at 16kph!), the video of said run and a whole pile of new photos. The trip was the same route as a few weeks ago so the trip KML has changed really. Apart from the fact that I was stuck behind the same stupid slow guy for 50k’s who refused to go above 60 at ALL! (will put up video shortly!)

And on to the media….

The Toboggan Run (KML File on the KML Page here)

More Photos here.. http://flickr.com/photos/wolfcat_aus/

Snow Girl 5

Snow Trees

And the Drive home which is once again the webcam attached to the Asus R2H to recorded the whole trip. This time I have New Order’s The Beach as the soundtrack, simply because it is the same length as the video was meant to be (of course it is 20 second to short but what can you do).:-)

My Imaginary Friend is better than yours!

The time has come for me to take a holy book to a location. Why, because I finally have a bit of paper that says you can bring your own holy book. The paper is the inviation to do my Australian Citizenship ceremony.

It says ” should you wish to make the pledge on a holy book of your choice, please bring that holy book to the ceremony”.

I am torn at this point however. I am an atheist through and through. But should I let an opportunity like this pass me by. So here are more choices so far.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. (great book written by a great atheist)
God Delusion, Richard Dawkins. (great book, plus has the added advantage of being a red rag to a bull).

or perhaps just take the Manual for my Nokia N95, I seem to spend a great deal of time worshipping the phone.

The other option of course is I could just make up a cover… say Atheisism for Beginners, or slightly more controversial “My Imaginary Friend is better than yours“.

You have 3 days to offer other suggestions.